What records do I need to maintain for certified organic livestock?

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Organic operations must keep records of all activities and transactions. Such records may include:

  • Input Records: Planting of seeds and applications of fertilizers or other materials must be documented.
  • Animal Origin or Birth Records: Birth records must link organic calves to breeder stock and include birth dates or approximate birth dates.
  • Medical Treatment Records: Treatments must be recorded and include the animal(s) treated, the medication, date of treatment, and the reason for treatment. If non-allowed treatments are administered, you must record the sale or removal of the treated animals from the herd.
  • Production and Sales Records: Sales must be recorded. Clearly note when animals or other certified organic products are sold as organic.
  • Temporary Confinement Logs: Any period when animals are temporarily confined due to inclement weather, risks to soil quality, health reasons, or any other reason must be recorded.
  • Feed Purchase and Harvest Records: Feed purchases must be documented and traceable to an organic operation through invoices and certificates. Feed produced on-farm must be documented through harvest records.

CCOF has created sample recordkeeping forms as a resource for our clients.

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