What is the Organic System Plan (OSP)?

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The organic certification application is called an Organic System Plan (OSP). A complete OSP is required by the National Organic Program (NOP). The OSP is a detailed description of the practices and procedures used by your operation to produce organic goods. Operations must update their OSP as changes occur.

CCOF has developed a straightforward, comprehensive OSP as part of our organic certification application. The OSP leads you through the organic standards, and addresses common production questions and concerns.

Your OSP acts as an agreement between you and CCOF. It defines how you remain in compliance with the organic standards, and explains what you do, how you do it, and what you use while doing it. During your pre-certification and annual inspections, your CCOF inspector will verify that what you do in practice matches what is in your OSP.

CCOF provides individualized training on how to maintain your Organic System Plan in our systems!
Get yourself or your staff up to speed on CCOF’s certification systems and how to maintain your Organic System Plan (OSP) with CCOF’s OSP Walk-Through Service. Walk-throughs will be led by a CCOF Certification Specialist and can be customized for your specific operation. Use this form to request an OSP Walk-Through with a CCOF Certification Specialist. 
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