What are fillable forms and how do I use them?

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Fillable forms are versions of frequently used and/or modified documents that are available in electronic format for easy editing. Each form is a Microsoft word document formatted and locked to allow you to easily enter your data. Available forms include material review requests, annual certification contracts, parcel transfer, withdrawal and additional acreage documents. For processors, additional products, private label profiles, name and seal use agreements, and more. You must have Microsoft word to utilize our fillable forms.

Where can I find fillable forms?

Fillable forms are available 24/7 online.They can also be found on CCOF application CDs, available from CCOF at events, or by contacting CCOF

Follow the below steps to use fillable forms

  1. Open the appropriate document. Online forms can be opened two ways. 1) Right-clicking the appropriate form and choosing “save as”. Then save the document to your desired location. Go to your saved location and open the document directly. Or, (2): Click on the desired form. Once it opens in you web browser, chose save in the file menu or click the disk icon to save the document. Then, open the document from your saved location.
  2. Type your answers in the form fields provided. The fillable form will open in protected mode. Simply click on the shaded form fields and type your answers or check the appropriate boxes. You can move easily from one form field to another by hitting the tab key. Simply type into the text field. You can mark or un-mark check boxes by clicking on them or hitting the space bar while they are highlighted. Please be sure to include your operation name in the field at the top of most fillable forms.
  3. Save your work frequently and when you are finished. Keep the completed form on file for your records as a copy of your OSP.
  4. Submit the fillable form to CCOF via email, mail, or fax. Please note that many documents require supporting documentation or attachments. If you email fillable forms to CCOF, you must include appropriate electronic or scanned attachments. 

Can I save the document for future use?

CCOF’s online forms are designed to save you time. Once you have entered your information into the forms, you can save the document and edit it later. This will save time while keeping your information accurate and up-to-date. Simply save the documents as you would for any Microsoft Word document. As your operation or products, etc. change, simply change your fillable form and resubmit it to CCOF.

The form isn’t working, what should I do?

Contact CCOF. The forms should serve your convenience, so please report any problems to CCOF in order to make sure that all forms work properly. Please report any issues with online forms to ccof@ccof.org.

Can I just print out the document and fill it out by hand?

If you prefer a print out of the form to fill out, CCOF online forms are designed to be filled out by hand or using a computer. It’s up to you!

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