How do I update my Organic System Plan (OSP)?

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Before making any changes to your operation, you must update your OSP. For processors and Handlers, use the Handler OSP Update Guide to ensure you submit all forms. Visit our Forms and Documents page to find the forms that you need to update. Submit your fully completed forms to Please do not submit partially completed forms! Certification staff will review your updates and let you know if additional information is required. Please allow as much time as possible for review of your update. If you require a fast review, you may consider our Rush Review or Expedited Programs.

CCOF provides individualized training on how to maintain your Organic System Plan in our systems!

Get yourself or your staff up to speed on CCOF’s certification systems and how to maintain your Organic System Plan (OSP) with CCOF’s OSP Walk-Through Service. Walk-throughs will be led by a CCOF Certification Specialist and can be customized for your specific operation. Use this form to request an OSP Walk-Through with a CCOF Certification Specialist. 

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