How do I interpret the post-inspection review result?

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A CCOF Certification Specialist will review the inspection report for compliance with the standards. The review will likely be completed within 1-3 months after your inspection (or within 5 business days for Expedited inspections, or 30 days for priority inspection such as New Applications).

Once the review is complete, CCOF will send you a Compliance Report with the results, along with a new organic certificate reflecting any changes. You will receive one of the following:

  • Continuing Certification – No noncompliances were found, and no additional information is needed. Your operation is in compliance with NOP regulations. No additional action is needed until the following year, unless your organic practices change.
  • Certification Pending – More information is needed to complete the review of your inspection report. You will need to submit specified information by a certain date. When the outstanding issues are resolved you will be notified of your compliance.
  • Notice of Noncompliance – All or part of your operation did not comply with the NOP regulations. This notice will require that you submit corrective actions by a certain date.

Please be sure to carefully read each communication sent to you by CCOF. If a deadline is given you must respond by the date noted in the Compliance Report. If you need additional time, please contact CCOF to request an extension.

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