The Regenerator: A Year of Farm Succession Planning

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Are you a farmer or rancher in the Sacramento region planning to retire, and wondering what will happen to your land and business? Thinking about the future can be difficult. We’re here to help you map out your course.

There are nearly six times more California farmers aged 65 or older than there are farmers who are under 35. Many older farmers and their families find it difficult to retire while preserving the farm business. In response to this opportunity for the next generation, California FarmLink is launching The Regenerator: A Year of Farm Succession Planning.

The Regenerator is designed as a comprehensive program to help farm and ranch businesses generate a plan and support the process of passing farm ownership and management to the next generation. Each family team that meets planning benchmarks will be eligible to receive up to $1600 in professional services of their choosing to complete their succession plan. Starting in November, the course will combine online meetings with in-person convenings in Sacramento. Applications are due by July 1. Reserve your seat at the table today!  Learn more and apply at

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