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Tracking Inbox Items Online and Rush Service

por Jon Knapp |

Did you know that every time you send an update or request to CCOF, we create an inbox item, assign it a due date, and track how quickly itu2019s completed? Even better, did you know that you can follow this process online? The MyCCOF u201cAction Itemsu201d tab shows you u201cCert Staff Responsibilityu201d inbox items and can show you if theyu2019re in process, who is working on them, and when theyu2019re due to be completed. Many clients are already using this system to monitor their submissions and review outgoing action items, such as letters that require a response by a particular due date. CCOF receives about 10,000 action items per year. We work hard to prioritize important items such as input/ materials or label review requests. If you require immediate rush review, CCOFu2019s rush review service can guarantee quick turnaround.