CCOF Chapter Leadership Opportunities

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Written by Adrian Fischer on Martes, Octubre 15, 2019

CCOF’s chapter system is a powerful tool to connect our members from across the United States and Mexico. Chapter meetings serve as an outlet to voice challenges, share successes and advice, and strategize ways of advancing organic for a healthy world. Several chapters are gearing up for another peak in activity with the election cycle just around the corner, a process that occurs once every three years for each chapter. 

CCOF is looking for leaders to step up and play a critical role in local governance, and we encourage you to respond to your chapter’s call for leadership nominations. The primary contact of each CCOF-certified business will receive an email with their chapter’s call for nominations. We urge you to run for office or nominate candidates. The Fresno-Tulare (FT), Processor/Handler (PR), and San Luis Obispo (SL) chapters are going through an election cycle and looking for great leaders to make a difference. If your business belongs to any of these chapters, be sure to submit your chapter leadership nominations to Adrian Fischer at by October 24. 

Which Chapter Do I Belong To?

All CCOF-certified clients automatically become members when they are certified. All members belong to one of 14 chapters based on their geographic region, and processor/handler members belong to a single chapter regardless of location. The first two letters of your operation’s client code, which can be found on your organic certificate, can help you determine which chapter you belong to. If you have ME or HT in your client code, you are in the HT-ME chapter. If you have a PR code, you are a member of both your regional chapter (based on the physical location of your operation) and the PR chapter.

For more information, including the counties these chapters encompass, visit  

If you have any questions about chapter leadership or which chapter you belong to, please contact CCOF Member & Public Outreach Specialist Adrian Fischer at