Board & Committees

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To help guide our work and serve the organic community, CCOF has three governing boards, including the CCOF, Inc. Board of Directors, the CCOF Certification Services, LLC Management Committee, and the CCOF Foundation Trustees, plus several committees.

CCOF, Inc. Board of Directors

CCOF’s governing board of directors is elected by certified members for three-year terms. Board members include chapter representatives that are nominated by chapter members. Browse the CCOF Calendar for upcoming board meetings. CCOF, Inc. also has several committees in place to address a variety of topics such as finance, marketing, personnel, and government affairs (advisory). Chapter affiliation is indicated by the two-letter code in parentheses. Learn more about the CCOF Chapter System or about participating in board or committee meetings.


Phil LaRocca (NV), Chair, LaRocca Vineyards 
Malcolm Ricci (KE), Vice Chair, Bolthouse Farms 
Thaddeus Barsotti (YO), Treasurer, Capay Organic and Farm Fresh to You
Ted Vivatson (HT-ME), Secretary, Eel River Brewing


Genevieve Albers (NC), Traditional Medicinals
Steven Cardoza (FT), Cardoza and Cardoza Farms
JoAnn Cherry (SL), MAHA Estate Wine/Villa Creek Cellars
Chad Crivelli (BV), Live Oak Dairy 
Andrea Davis-Cetina (AL), Quarter Acre Farm
Esteban Macias Padilla (MX), Grupo U
Justin Miller (SG), Twin Peaks Orchard
Liz Niles (SC), Wise Ranch
Lily Nugent (CC), Coke Farm
Nickie Salyer (PR), Lundberg Family Farms
Robin Taylor (PS), Sun Grown Organics

CCOF Certification Services, LLC Management Committee

The LLC Management Committee is the governing body for CCOF Certification Services, LLC. Management Committee members are appointed by the CCOF, Inc. Board of Directors for three-year terms. 

Kelly Damewood, Chair, CCOF, Inc.
Charles Fowler, Fowler Ranch
Janning Kennedy (Retired)
Tom Willey, T&D Willey Farms
Gina Colfer, Wilbur Ellis 

CCOF Foundation Board of Trustees

The CCOF Foundation Board of Trustees is the governing body for the CCOF Foundation. Trustees are appointed by the CCOF, Inc. Board of Directors for three-year terms. Learn more about the CCOF Foundation. 

Kelly Damewood, Chair, CCOF, Inc. 
Phil LaRocca, Vice Chair, LaRocca Vineyards  
Jess Newman, Trustee, McCain Foods 
John McKeon, Trustee, Taylor Farms
Ted Vivatson, Trustee, Eel River Brewing