Does CCOF perform unannounced inspections?

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Yes. CCOF is required to conduct unannounced inspections by our accreditors, USDA ISO-65 and USDA NOP. Unannounced inspections encourage all certified clients to comply with the regulations. It shows that certified producers and processors are doing their best to comply with the regulations and willing to prove it. It proves to organic customers that the standards are upheld and that organic really does mean something.

Generally, you will not be charged for unannounced inspections. CCOF Certification Services pays for the inspector’s time and expenses. Unannounced inspections are typically focused on specific areas of your operation and can be significantly less involved than an annual inspection.

CCOF’s authority to conduct unannounced inspections can be found in the NOP regulation, Section 205.400(c). In addition, the right to conduct inspections without prior notice is in the Certification Contract and Agreement all applicants and renewing operators sign. Refusing an inspection or failure to complete an inspection may result in the loss of certification with CCOF.

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