Holistic & Organic Livestock Management 101

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Event Date
Agosto 08, 2017

Join the CCOF Foundation and Holistic Management International for an introductory webinar that explores the intersections between organic and holistic management systems for cattle operations.

Organic and Holistic Management are two approaches to sustainable livestock husbandry. This webinar will review the basic principles of both approaches for cattle ranchers. Then, explore how the two approaches can work together for cattle ranchers looking to cultivate economically and environmentally sustainable operations.

Organic and Holistic Management livestock practices can work hand in hand to assist cattle ranchers in building environmentally and economically sustainable businesses. Kelsey Maben, farm certification specialist at CCOF, will review the steps necessary for livestock operations to obtain organic certification through the USDA National Organic Program. Participants will also learn about the basics of the Holistic Management decision-making framework from Joe Morris of T.O. Cattle Company. During the final half the webinar, Morris will share his experiences combining both organic and Holistic Management practices on his ranch.

This introductory webinar is ideal for organic cattle ranchers looking to find out more about the basics of Holistic Management, Holistic Management practitioners curious to learn more about the organic certification, and cattle ranchers new to both approaches. Ample time will be reserved for questions from webinar participants. 

About our Speakers and Partners

Kelsey Maben works as a senior farm certification specialist in CCOF’s livestock department, where her background in farming and livestock production allows her to serve as an excellent resource for CCOF’s certified organic livestock members. Prior to working at CCOF, Maben worked as the livestock manager at Massa Organics in Glenn County, California. She also directed the agritourism program and managed livestock in the orchard-pasture system at Chaffin Family Orchards in Oroville, California. She has experience in raising and managing a wide range of animals, including laying hens, sheep, pigs, goats, and cattle.


Joe Morris is the fifth generation of his family to steward land and cattle in California. Born and raised in the city of San Francisco, Morris has worked on buckaroo crews in Nevada and California, as a lay missioner, community organizer and social worker with the Catholic Church in Latin America, and has taught high school in Washington, DC. In 1991, he and his wife Julie founded T.O. Cattle Company and have used the Holistic Management decision-making framework to enhance the health of their community and land and to produce a living from their work. T.O. Cattle Company leases ranches and markets Morris Grassfed Beef to 800 families throughout California. As a result, they are a profitable, ecosystem-based business whose lands are improving even as productivity is rising. Morris has guided over a thousand people across his ranches in the past 25 years; has spoken numerous times on the topics of Holistic Management, stockmanship, and ranching; and is a founding member of Rancher to Rancher. He was awarded the Clarence Burch award for his leadership and stewardship by the Quivira Coalition in 2012.

Holistic Management International’s (HMI) mission is to educate people in regenerative agriculture for healthy land and thriving communities. Since 1984, HMI has helped communities grow and thrive by educating family farmers and ranchers and pastoralists in regenerative agricultural practices that empower them to strengthen their businesses, produce healthier food, improve local wildlife habitats, and protect the environment.

This webinar is a collaboration between the CCOF Foundation and HMI.