Support Resources for Handlers

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CCOF offers a comprehensive suite of resources for growers looking to go or stay organic. Be sure to bookmark these resources and visit them often! 

CCOF Certification Program Manuals

CCOF manuals describe our certification programs and NOP organic standards. We strongly recommend that all new applicants review them closely.

Organic Certification Fees

CCOF supports the growth of organic by providing service-oriented organic certification with highly trained staff who can answer your questions, online tools to manage your certification, and resources to grow your business. Review CCOF’s certification fees here.

Organic Ingredients

Looking for organic ingredients? The following resources will help you find growers, manufacturers, and other sources of organic ingredients:

Recordkeeping Tools

Recordkeeping is an essential part of organic certification. We have developed a collection of sample forms and worksheets to help you maintain compliance with organic standards, and help ensure your continued certification with CCOF.

Processor, Handler, and Retailer Affidavits and Worksheets

Additional Sources for Sample Records

The NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project provides a wealth of organic farming and processing information and sample documentation forms. Visit their webpage to find the package that best fits your production type.

CCOF Certification Resources

Labeling Guides and Resources

Our labeling resources are here to help you develop compliant labels for any product. Be sure to read through our labeling guides and download logos.

Organic Consultants

CCOF cannot actively consult our clients regarding organic certification compliance. We provide a list of Organic Consultants as a resource to anyone seeking assistance with developing an Organic System Plan or other operational or regulatory matters.

Additional Resources

The National Organic Program (NOP) has developed a helpful website with fact sheets and sends out an e-newsletter to alert certified operations and certifiers of changes to organic standards. Sign up for the Organic Insider to hear about updates at the same time as CCOF!