Consultants & Ag Advisors

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Need outside help? CCOF cannot actively consult with its clients regarding organic certification compliance. We do offer a list of organic consultants and agriculture and pest advisors as a resource. This list includes names and contact information as well as a description of the services each consultant provides.

Organic consultants work in a variety of areas and can help with preparation of your Organic System Plan and addressing complicated regulatory issues. Food safety consultants to help with the creation of a food safety plan. Agriculture and pest control advisors are trained in organic production and can help farmers with questions about allowed inputs for their specific crops and conditions.

Organic Consultants

Name and Description Contact Information

Ackerman Organic
Consulting services to help clients in creation of organic systems plans through initial certification or in attaining organic compliance. I have decades of farming and processing experience and I can work for you onsite or remotely with a flexible approach and individualized service.

Specialization: Grower and Handler Scopes
Languages: English

Lau Ackerman
(530) 518-4920
Service Area: California, United States

Alluvial LLC, Agriculture Business Development Consultant
Megan has worked with hundreds of California farmers, both as a CCOF Inspector and as a Sales Rep for Johnny’s Seeds. Her client, Sonoma Hills Farm, was the first applicant to OCal program, and she has inspected several CCOF OCal farms. Megan has earned an MBA and Master in Food Sustainability.

Specialization: OCal Cannabis; NOP Crops, Livestock, and Handler; Business Development
Languages: English

Megan Robertson, MBA
2751 4th Street PMB 203
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
(605) 940-8299
Service Area: California, United States

Ash Street Organics Inc
Kelly is a sought-after consultant for American and Canadian companies of all sizes.  With a flexible approach, Kelly helps her clients efficiently and cost-effectively prepare for and maintain organic certification.  Her work as an active inspector, trainer and committee member keeps her current with organic industry changes.

Specialization: Canada Organic Regime (COR) and equivalencies, National Organic Program (NOP) and equivalencies; Soil Association Health & Beauty Standards
Languages: English, very basic conversational French

Kelly A. Monaghan
Toronto, Canada
(416) 528-1490
Service Area: Based in Toronto, Canada and able to physically work throughout North America and globally via electronic means

BiOrganic Solutions Mexico
Apoyo y gestión de Certificaciones y/o inspecciones orgánicas, desarrollo de Plan de Manejo Organico, Gestión de Registro y auditorias; Revisión y registro de Insumos (Fertilizantes y Plaguicidas) Acreditación de OMRI, cdfa, etc; Soluciones a la medida. Vinculación con el sector organico. Acreditación orgánica.

Conduct Organic Certifications and/or Inspections, Development of Organic System Plan, carry out audits or inspections; Input Review and registration (Fertilizers & Pesticides) OMRI, cdfa, etc; Tailored Solutions. Organic Networking. Organic Accreditation.

Specialization: Certificaciones y Regitsros; USDA-NOP, LOOA-SAGARPA rules
Languages: Ingles, Español

René Anguiano Uribe
Guadalajara, Mexico
(333) 579-7668
Service Area: México, Estados Unidos, Centro y Sur América

Cannabis Ag Advisors (CAA)
Cannabis Ag Advisors (CAA) works in all crops, helping both grower and handler businesses transition to organic. Support includes fertility and pest control for growers and recordkeeping and SOP's for handlers. I have been involved in organic ag for nearly twenty years, both as a grower and inspector. I have also worked closely with cannabis production for the last 10 years, and now with hemp as a viable crop! I offer organic certification help and consulting for organic hemp and OCal certification help and consulting for cannabis in California. I also offer assistance with SOPs and compliant practices for cannabis production and support on how to maintain biodiversity within hemp and cannabis operations. 

Specialization: Grower, Processor/Handler
Languages: English

Seth Rosmarin
(530) 559-3552
Service Area: Available anywhere or via phone or video chat.

Christie Organic Consultants, Inc.
Having worked both for major organic certification agencies as an inspector, reviewer, and certification representative, and as an independent organic consultant with a prominent consulting firm, anything from the most humble farm to the most complex multi-ingredient processing and packing operations, Lois Christie has seen it all from both sides, making Christie Organic Consultants uniquely qualified to assist you with all things organic. Lois is well versed in the regulations and requirements for the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), as the international standards such as Canada, the EU, Japan and Switzerland. We will train you and your staff, prepare your application and update existing forms and systems or create new ones, as needed. We will also assist with material reviews, extensive or complex responses, mediations and/or appeals.

Después de haber trabajado para los principales organismos de certificación orgánica como un inspector, revisor y representante de certificación y como consultor independiente orgánico con una consultoría prominente, Lois Christie ha visto todo de diversas perspectivas, desde la más humilde granja hasta el más complejo procesamiento de multi-ingredientes al igual que operaciones de empaque; esto hace Christie Organic Consultants este capacitada especialmente para ayudarle con todo su manejo orgánico. Lois está altamente capacitada en los reglamentos y requisitos para el programa orgánico nacional (NOP) del USDA, así como muchas normas internacionales tales como Canadá, la UE, Japón y Suiza. Capacitaremos a su personal, prepararemos su solicitud y actualizaremos las formas y sistemas existentes o crear nuevos procesos según sea necesario. También le ayudaremos con materiales y opiniones; respuestas extensas o complejas, mediaciones y/o apelaciones.

Specialization: Grower, Livestock, Processor, Trader, Co-Packer, Retail, Restaurant. USDA National Organic Program, Mexico (Reglamento de Productos Orgánicos/SAGARPA), Biodynamic, Non-GMO Certification, NSF 305 Body Care Certification, Material Registration (Review, OMRI, WSDA, CDFA)
Languages: English, Spanish

Lois Christie
1119 S. Mission Rd. #245
Fallbrook, CA 92028
(760) 723-3775
Service Area: Worldwide, specializing in the U.S. and Mexico

Common Ground Organic Consulting
You do the farming, we’ll do the paperwork. Services include: beginning the organic certification process, inspection preparation, ongoing communication with your certifier, and hourly consultations for questions pertaining to transitioning to organic, input materials, record-keeping, adverse actions, and more.

We offer bilingual consultation services in English and Spanish, as well as Spanish translation services for your documents and resources.

Usted se encarga de la producción, nosotros del papeleo. Nuestros servicios incluyen: el inicio del proceso de certificación orgánica, la preparación de la inspección, la comunicación continua con su certificadora, y proporcionar consultoría por hora para contestar cualquier pregunta relacionada con la transición a orgánico, insumos de producción, mantenimiento de registros, acciones adversas, y más.

Ofrecemos servicios de asesoría bilingües en inglés y español, así como servicios de traducción al español para sus documentos y recursos.

Specialization: Grower, Livestock, Spanish Services

Kelly Korman
1199 S Federal Hwy, Suite 241
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(561) 377-2197
Service Area: United States

Maria Barajas - asesora
Service Area: United States

Daniel Giacomini
Independent nutritional and dairy management consultant for 25 years focusing on both conventional and certified organic dairy operations. Developed a process to customize nutritional and management programs for dairy farmers and the dairy feed industry while working to create a greater interface between industry and the dairy farmer - particularly certified organic dairy farmers.

Specialization: Livestock (dairy)

Daniel Giacomini
P.O. Box 354
Middletown, CA 94561
(707) 987-9184

Dana Ford
Dana has worked for multiple certification agencies as a reviewer and inspector and has a unique perspective into certification. She will help you demystify certification and maintain compliance in your organic business. Services include assistance with the new application process, inspection preparation and ongoing certification for NOP or OCal certification programs.

Specialization: Processor/Handler, Crops, Wild Crops, Cannabis

Dana Ford
(915) 342-8697
Service Area: United States

Dr. Joe Montecalvo
Specializes in all aspects of handler and food processing certification requirements for USDA-NOP, EU and export to Japan and Canada compliance requirement. Have served as both an inspector and consultant to the organic food processing industry since 1993. Also specialize in organic food safety, HACCP assessments and optimization of plant sanitation operations and employee training in all areas of organic food safety.

Specialization: Processor/Handler

Joe Montecalvo, PhD
510 Fresno Ave.
Morro Bay, CA 93442
(805) 772-3574 
Service Area: U.S. and international

Fairchild Consulting, LLC
Laura has a wide breadth of experience in business entrepreneurship, science and nutrition. Recognizing a growing need in the market and following her passion for organic healthy living, Laura embarked upon a career in Organic Certification in 2013. Since 2013, Laura has been an inspector for CCOF and has worked for multiple certification agencies as a reviewer and inspector.

Specialization: Grower, Processor/Handler, OCal Cannabis, Broker/Trader, Private Label, Co-Packer, Retail/Restaurant, Split-Operations

Languages: English, Spanish

Laura Fairchild
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007
(760) 613-5677
Service Area: San Diego County, Southern California, Arizona

Four Seasons Ag Consulting
Farming organically ourselves since 1989, we help develop Farm Plans and OSPs. We also provide full service monitoring and recommendations for pest, disease and weed management and fertility needs.

Specialization: Grower

Cindy Lashbrook, Bill Thompson
12230 Livingston Cressey Rd.
Livingston, CA 95334
(209) 761-0081
Service Area: Central and Northern California

Hedgerows Unlimited
Sam Earnshaw, former farmer with Neptune Farms and Biological Consultant with Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), has been designing and installing hedgerows, windbreaks and other conservation plantings on farms for over 20 years.

Specialization: Conservation Plans, Technical Service Provider (TSP) with NRCS

Sam Earnshaw
Watsonville, CA
(831) 722-5556

Independent Organic Services, Inc.
Consulting and assistance in all areas of organic production, processing and certification. Over 20 years working in organic certification. Accredited organic inspector, former certification program manager for a large national certifier. Trained in HACCP, ISO 9001:2001. Experienced with NOP, JAS, COR and EU organic standards.

Consultoría y asistencia en todas las áreas de producción, procesamiento y certificación orgánica. Más de 20 años trabajando en certificación orgánica. Inspector orgánico acreditado, ex gerente del programa de certificación para un gran certificador nacional. Formado en HACCP, ISO 9001: 2001. Experiencia con NOP, JAS, COR y los estándares orgánicos de la UE.

Specialization: Farming, Livestock, Processor/Handler, apiculture, community grower groups, and transition to organic (agricultura, ganado, manipulación/procesamiento, apicultura, grupos comunitarios y la transición a producción orgánica)

Languages: English, Spanish

Garth Kahl
14941 Lobster Valley Rd.
Alsea, OR 97324
(541) 486-4400 / (541) 602-2156
Service Area: Global

Integrated Organic Services, Inc.

Based in Mexico, we provide evaluation, development, training and verification to the following international organic standards to companies located in the USA, Mexico and Central and South America: NOP (USA), LPO (Mexico), COR (Canada), EU (European Union) and JAS (Japan). Services include development & review of Standard Operating Procedures & Logs and Organic Plan, personnel training, review of inputs, materials and ingredients and development, label review and evaluation of audit trace back and mass balance systems.  We put our bilingual organic expertise at your disposal. 

Specialization: Grower (including greenhouse), Processor/Handler, Retail
Languages: English, Spanish

Cara Smiley
Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
+52 1-951-228-3386
Service Area: Mexico, Central America, South America, United States

Keep It Simple: Organic Solutions 
On-site and remote consultation and expert advice on:

  • ROC: Regenerative Organic Certification ®
  • USDA NOP Organic Certification 
  • Application process and completion 
  • Integrated recordkeeping
  • On-going support

Over 20 years in the organic industry 
Over16 years as an organic inspector 
Over 10 years as an organic consultant.
Working with ROC® standards since the pilot program in 2019 
Dedicated to designing compliance systems that are tailored to meet the needs of your operation while being practical, manageable and above all simple. Because if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work. 

Specialization: Regenerative Organic Certification, Grower, Processor/Handler, Livestock, Poultry, Dairy
Languages: English

Benjamin Lewis
(530) 574-1407

Knuckleball Agricultural Services
Experienced Organic grower and livestock farmer, Knuckleball Ag designs and develops full-farm Regenerative Organic management plans for row crop, grain crop, orchard, and livestock operations. This includes preparation of certification documents and compliance plans for animal welfare and Certified Organic operations. Provides soil moisture and pest monitoring and soil sampling.

Specialization: Grower, Livestock, Regenerative Organic, Animal Welfare
Languages: English

Paul Glowaski
P.O. Box 831
Colfax, CA 95712
(260) 450-0450

Mark Chass
Comprehensive certification and inspection experience since 1982.

Specialization: Grower, Livestock, Processor/Handler

Mark Chass
P.O. Box 2161
Sebastopol, CA 95473
(707) 824-9544
cell (707) 217-6351
Service Area: San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California

Murray Farm, Inc.
Committed to organic regenerative agriculture since his college days, Scott is a passionate sustainable agriculture consultant. With over 40 years of organic production experience in the United States & Mexico Scott provides expert skills from seed to soil to sales. Recently, Scott has been specializing in coffee cultivation. Call Scott today.

Specialization: Grower, Livestock, Processor/Handler
Languages: English

Scott A. Murray
(760) 805-1380
Service Area: San Diego County and Southern California
Natura Activa, S.A

Asesoría para la implementación de prácticas, tanto en producción agrícola como plantas de Procesamiento de Alimentos, en cumplimiento con las normativas orgánicas NOP, UE, JAS y LPO.

Preparación del sistema documental de registros: Plan de Sistema Orgánico, Procedimientos Operativo Estándar (POEs), registros de actividades y de trazabilidad.

Revisión de insumos: pre-revisión para verificar si el material cumple o no y proceso de preparación de documentos y presentación de los mismos a OMRI.

Consulting services to implement and/or improve practices in crop production, including post-harvest practices and handling according to the NOP, LPO, UE, and JAS standards. Including developing the record-keeping system Organic System Plan, Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), activities records, and traceability.

Material review: a pre-review of materials to determine whether they are compliant and the submission process with OMRI.

Specialization: Ingeniero Agrónomo / Agronomist, Cultivos / Crops, Manejo / Handling, Revisión de insumos /Material review (OMRI)
Languages: Español – Lengua materna / Spanish – native languaje, Inglés –advanced

María Regina Cosenza Zea
30 calle 3-23 zona 12
Colonia El Carmen, Guatemala, Guatemala
+502 5510-1105
Service Area: Vivo en Guatemala, pero tengo disponibilidad de viajar o bien trabajar de manera virtual a Estados Unidos, México, Centro América y Sur América. / Based in Guatemala, and able to travel or virtually work to the United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

The ORG&NICS online course is a rapid, simplified walk-through to best prepare you, your employees and your facility for the USDA Organic Certification audit and continued compliance. No matter your product, whether it’s energy bars, a great new line of skincare or the best herbal remedy, this course has all the required regulatory preparation and details ready for you. You just customize and fill in the blanks while guided each step of the way (including live one-on-one help) to being fully prepared for your first successful USDA Organic Audit.

Specialization: Personal Care and Food Products for Manufacturers, Processors
Languages: English

Vickie Natale
San Clemente, CA
(949) 481-9900
Service Area: Worldwide

Organic Consulting Firm, The
Let The Organic Consulting Firm (The OCF) do the work for you! The OCF is an international company providing full service evaluation, development, training, and verification to organic standards, including USDA, JAS, Canada, EU, and others. The founders are active in today’s organic certification industry. The OCF will integrate organic compliance into existing procedures to create a complete customized Organic System Plan.

Specialization: Grower, Livestock, Processor/Handler, Retail
Languages: English

Karen Troxell, Shannon Murphy
Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 676-4395
Service Area: Offices located in Southern California, traveling globally, specializing in the U.S., and Canada

Organic Help
Organic certification consultant specializing in crops and processing. Services include assessment to USDA NOP and international standards compliancy. Offering complete Application and Organic System Plan development. Consulting with emphasis on support and education for the producer and staff.

Specialization: Grower, Processor/Handler

Carol Cripe
18870 Stetson St.
Apple Valley, CA 92308
(760) 550-0519
Service Area: Southwest U.S.

Organic Integrity International
Over 35 years of experience in organic handling, farming and consulting/training. Have worked in over 40 countries with governments, many of the largest organic companies in the world down to small strart-ups. I am sure we can assist in bringing success to your certified organic endeavors. 

Specialization: Grower, Grower Groups, Processor/Handler (simple and complex manufacturing), Retail
Languages: English, Spanish

Rick Martinez
908 W. Virginia Ave
Tampa, FL 33603
(813) 765-0282
Service Area: Worldwide

Richard D. Siegel Law Offices
Agricultural lawyer in Washington, DC, for over 30 years, specializing in legal counsel and Federal government representation for organic food & fiber companies, ingredient companies, fertilizer and seed companies, associations and certifiers. Former Deputy Assistant Secretary, USDA.

Specialization: Regulatory Assistance

Richard Siegel
600 New Hampshire Ave. NW #500
Washington, D.C. 20037
(202) 518-6364
fax (202) 234-3550
Service Area: U.S. and international

Rick Falkenberg, Ph.D.
We simplify the certification process for you, no matter if you are experienced or a beginning organic producer, processor, trader, distributor, retailer or restaurateur. We can assists you in assuring that your organic facility, ingredient and product suppliers are fully compliant to standards such as the USA NOP 7 CFR Part 205, the European Union EEC 2092/91, the Japan JAS and IFOAM.

Specialization: Processor/Handler, Retail

Rick Falkenberg, Ph.D.
Turlock, CA 95382
(831) 596-3652
fax (888) 867-4137
Service Area: California and Pacific Northwest

Rodale Institute
Rodale Institute is growing the movement of regenerative organic agriculture through research, farmer training and consumer education. The Institute launched their organic consulting program in 2019 and offers systems-based consulting services on regulations, agronomy and marketing. Consultants are based across the United States in the Northeast, Midwest and on the West Coast.

Specialization: National Organic Program (NOP) for crops, livestock and processing, Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC), organic agronomy and technical advice
Languages: English, French

Sam Malriat
Kutztown, PA
(610) 683-1416
fax (202) 234-3550
Service Area: U.S.

Santa Maria Quality & Food Safety
Después de treinta años de experiencia en empresas de producción agrícola Monica decide trabajar por su cuenta como asesor junto con su equipo de trabajo en la implementación de programas de manejo orgánico. Monica está preparada con su equipo de trabajo apoyar a su empresa a cumplir todos los requerimientos que su cliente le solicita.

After thirty years of experience in agricultural production companies, Monica decided to work on her own as an advisor together with her work team in the implementation of organic management programs. Monica is prepared with her work team to support your company to meet all the requirements that your client requests.

Specialization: National Organic Program: Grower (including greenhouse), Processor/Handler, Private Label. LPO (Senasica-MX), COR (Canada), EU (European Union), JAS (Japan) and others. Food Safety (PrimusGFS, GlobalGAP). Social Responsibility: SMETA, Fair Trade
Languages: Spanish, English

Monica Santa Maria
Posada San Cristobal 179 Col. Rincón de los Arcos
Irapuato, Guanajuato, MX 36633
+52 (462) 1704535
Service Area: Worldwide (specializing in Mexico and US)

Sheila Linderman
Organic certification and products specialist, with expertise in processing, farming, and personal care/cosmetics.

Specialization: Grower, Processor/Handler, Personal Care Products, Retail
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Sheila Linderman
738 East Dundee Road, Ste 219 //2090 Route de la Noix lieu-dit “le Baleytier”
Palatine, IL 60074, USA//24420 Savignac-les-Églises, France
Encino, CA 91316
(818) 235-2232
+33(0)6 13 31 42 33
Service Area: U.S., Canada, EU (particularly France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK), Morocco

Simple Organic Solutions
Experts in processing and handling. SOS knows the regulations, understands the processing industry and can accommodate to your unique needs.

Specialization: Personal Care Products, Processor/Handling
Languages: English

Bob Durst
1873 Bullevard
Philomath, OR 97370
(541) 740-6490
fax (801) 991-5660
Service Area: Primarily Western U.S.

Solstice Solutions
Solstice Solutions specializes in regulatory and certification assistance for the mushroom farming, processing and retail industries. Whether you are just starting your operation, or need assistance transitioning to a Certified Organic status, we have a solution for you! We are experts in mushroom farming, organic certification, and MGAP systems.

Specialization: Grower, Processor/Handler, Broker, Private Label, Retail/Restaurant, Split-Operations

Krysta Froberg
3525 E. Congress Ave.
Spokane, WA 99223
(509) 994-7611
Service Area: Worldwide

Soporte Tecnocomercial de México SC/Agrosupport of Mexico
Experience in all aspects of handler and crop certification requirements for USDA-NOP, Organic Food Safety, HACCP assessments and optimization of plant sanitation operations, as well as employee training in all areas of organic food safety.

Specialization: Technical and commercial support in the whole agricultural supply chain
Languages: Spanish, English

Eduardo Medina
Catedraticos 554 Ote Col. Chapultepec
Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico 80040
(667) 713-9592 / (667) 713-9556
(667) 755 0676
Service Area: U.S., Mexico, and South America

Strengthening Organic Systems, LLC
Strengthening Organic Systems (SOS) was founded by Kim Dietz and Gwendolyn Wyard to support the implementation of the Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) Rule. With over 65 years of combined experience, SOS is the only advising firm focused entirely on organic fraud prevention, supply chain integrity and organic fraud reporting. Our essential offerings support compliance with the new SOE regulations by providing unparalleled insights into fraud vulnerabilities and step-by-step assistance with the development of organic fraud prevention plans. SOS is a Trusted Advisor with the Organic Trade Association’s Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions program.

Specialization: Processor/Handler, Food and Non-food, Retail, Organic Fraud Prevention, Regulatory Readiness, Supplier Mapping and Verification, Organic Training and Education for Businesses
Languages: English

Kim Dietz and Gwendolyn Wyard, Founding Partners
Kim (530) 321-8996
Gwendolyn (503) 798-3294
Service Area: United States and International

Sustainable Strategies
Advisors in Food and Agriculture. Bob Anderson is a recognized authority and has hands-on experience in all aspects of organic agriculture, organic processing, organic certification, marketing, government relations and international trade. He also serves as an advisor to OTA, the USDA, NOP, Foreign Agriculture Service, USTR and U.S. Department of State. Until 2000, he was president of Walnut Acres Organic Farms, America's original organic farm and first value added processor.

Specialization: Processor/Handler and International/foreign certifications and trade agreements as well as Organic Strategies and Livestock production, including Animal Welfare.

Robert Anderson
206 Harris Avenue
Boalsburg, PA 16827
(814) 574-1063
Service Area: Worldwide


Todd Linsky Consulting
Todd Linsky Consulting, an organic brand management company, offers a balanced approach and a quality of service not currently available. TLC focuses on serving the comprehensive needs of growers, retailers, and wholesalers worldwide by building brands and increasing supplies while maintaining the integrity of the natural products industry.

Specialization: organic brand management; bridging the gap between the grower, the wholesaler, and the retail community

Todd Linsky
(661) 342-3409
Service Area: Worldwide

Traditional & Biodynamic Vineyard Consulting
Specializing in conversion and establishment of vineyards to organic, biodynamic, and regenerative farming. For wine to truly capture the essence of the site, the authenticity of a sense of place, the vineyard must be farmed meticulously. Our passion and energy focuses on the details of farming organic, regenerative and biodynamic.

Specialization: USDA organic, Demeter Biodynamic
Languages: English, Spanish, French

Philippe Coderey
Natalie Winkler

Service Area: California - Sonoma County, Napa Valley, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and beyond. France Burgundy, Rhone, Provence

Wolf & Associates, Inc.
Organic specialists for 40 years-experts in organic certification, regulations, policy, compliance, strategy, production, and handling. NOSB petitions, materials assessment, input R&D. Organic System Plans for NOP/EU/COR. Input reviews & OMRI/WSDA/CDFA applications. Strategic planning, sustainable development, growth strategy. Triple bottom line mission. Global team with 300+ years combined organic experiences.

Specialization: Grower, Livestock, Processor/Handler, Retail, Wild Harvest, Marine, Greenhouse Production, Broker/Trader.

Bill Wolf, President Lead -Strategy & Vision;
John Foster, Lead-Certification & Operations;
Sue Wagner, Lead-Materials & Client Services
49 Race Street
P.O. Box 458
Newcastle, VA 24127
(540) 864-5107
fax (540) 864-5161
Service Area: Worldwide

Food Safety Consultants

Name and Description Contact Information

Deb Garrison Consulting, LLC is hitting the road with to provide on-site mobile food safety services including educational food safety assessments of farm operations, document development for audit preparations, in-house Produce Safety Alliance training, 3rd party audit attendance, assistance setting up and maintaining a paperless food safety monitoring system, sanitation and health and hygiene worker training and more.

With years of "boots on the ground" experience, Deb will connect the dots for your operation and set up an implementable Food Safety Plan personalized for you, NOW, with "wheels on the road" and right on your operation site! Have a 30amp plug-in? Deb will stay until the work is done! 

Specialization: Food Safety, Training, Audit Preparedness and Third Party Liaison Support
Languages: English

Deb Garrison
(805) 478-6781
Service Area: United States, Greater Western States

Mancera Consulting Group, LLC
Mancera Consulting Group, LLC is based out of the Salinas Valley and has deep roots in the community. Although Mancera Consulting Group, LLC works with a diverse community of farms with different farm business needs, it’s overarching goal is to support the long-term economic viability of each farm. Food Safety is one of the services we offer our farm clients. As part of the food safety support, we help our clients understand the differences between the different food safety certification, build their food safety plans, update their food safety plan, train farm workers on food safety practices, prepare for audit, and identify and address corrective actions. More importantly, we help our clients develop a food safety culture for their farm business. Whether you have general farm business consulting questions or food safety needs, Mancera Consulting Group, LLC is available to help address your farm business needs.

Mancera Consulting Group, LLC está ubicado en el Valle de Salinas y tiene un fuerte nexo con la comunidad. Aunque Mancera Consulting Group, LLC trabaja con una comunidad de diversos negocios agrícolas con diferentes necesidades de negocio, su objetivo general es apoyar la viabilidad económica a largo plazo de cada negocio. Inocuidad (conocido en inglés como, Food Safety) es uno de los servicios que ofrecemos a nuestros clientes agrícolas. Como parte del apoyo a la inocuidad de los alimentos, ayudamos a nuestros clientes a entender las diferencias entre las diferentes certificaciones de inocuidad alimentaria, desarrollar su plan de inocuidad alimentaria, actualizar su plan de inocuidad alimentaria, capacitar a los trabajadores agrícolas sobre las prácticas de inocuidad alimentaria, prepararse para la auditoría e identificar y abordar las acciones correctivas. Aún más importante, ayudamos a nuestros clientes a desarrollar una cultura de inocuidad alimentaria para su negocio agrícola. Ya sea que tenga preguntas generales de consultoría de negocios agrícolas o necesidades de inocuidad alimentaria, Mancera Consulting Group, LLC está disponible para ayudar a abordar sus necesidades de negocio agrícola.

Specialization: Food Safety, Business Development
Languages: English and Spanish / Inglés y Español

David Mancera
(831) 287-9262
Service Area: Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito Counties

Universal Ag Compliance
Proven Compliance Solutions for Food and Worker Safety. The constant flow of changing regulations has become a major challenge for most farms, packing sheds, and other farming entities to interpret, implement and monitor. The long-term viability of our farms in California depends on proper compliance education and support. Universal Ag Compliance (UAC) can provide the necessary tools and assistance to help reduce your regulatory burdens. We carry all the credentials, experience and expertise to develop your operations specific safety program when it comes to Cal-OSHA, DPR, Food Safety and Worker Safety regulations. Our UAC Team can provide all the necessary training to ensure that your employees are equipped to work as safely as possible, and that your operations program is compliant and remains current at all times. 

Specialization: Food Safety, Worker Safety, California Department of Pesticide Regulation
Languages: English and Spanish / Inglés y Español

Mitch Abe
4275 Ave. 416
Reedley, CA 93654
(559) 287-1140
(559) 305-5488
Service Area: California

Ag Advisors

Name and Description Contact Information

Agri West
Agri West is a full service agri-business consulting company.

Jim Dana
Nipomo, CA
(805) 680-0875

Agricultural Consulting, Inc.

James Mose
Selma, CA
(559) 285-7757

American Insectaries, Inc 
We have been in business for 15 years offering field scouting, IPM program design, and beneficial insects for growers. Our concentration is in avocados and citrus, of which we currently scout about 2500 acres in San Diego and Riverside counties, of which about 450 acres is organic. Jim Davis has held PCA license # 2759 since 1984 and has also worked in vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, nursery, and turf.

James Davis
Escondido, CA
(760) 747-2920

The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) manages the ATTRA project — the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. ATTRA provides free information in English and Spanish about organic farming and marketing. These resources help guide certifiers and producers through transition, certification, and production for a wide range of crops and livestock.

Rex Dufour, Marisa Alcorta
Davis, CA
(530) 792-7338

Nutrien Ag Solutions 
Nutrien Ag Solutions is a leader in supplying product and services to the Organic Growers in California. With more than 30 staffed facilities, our licensed Pest Control Advisors and Certified Crop Advisors are available to support organic growers to maximize their yields with better soil health and plant protection practices. Nutrien Ag Solutions is committed to fully support Organic Growers with timely service, enhanced digital technology, nutrition and plant protection products.

Dunya Haproff-Fondse
Fresno, CA
(559) 436-2940

Cucuk Consulting Inc.
I have been working with organic growers for the last 10+ years at different levels.  Mostly helping with a list of fungicides to use and monitoring pest level pressure of when we need to release or spray once we hit the economic threshold level. I have helped grape, almond and citrus growers on what insects to release for their organic blocks.  Also help grape growers on what organic pesticide and fungicides to use.

Chris Cucuk
Kern & Tulare, CA
(661) 809-8284

David Gates
I have placed 358 acres of premium winegrapes in the Santa Cruz Mountains and Sonoma County into certified organic production, with another 58 acres in transition to organic.  I offer comprehensive consulting on premium winegrape production, including organic compliance.

David Gates
Santa Cruz, North Coast, & Central Coast, CA
(408) 690-1106

Entomological Services, Inc.
Entomological Services, Inc. (ESI) is a California Corporation that has provided professional agricultural consulting services for over 25 years.

Jim Davis
Visalia, CA
(760) 212-6690

Fitotec Consulting
Fitotec is an Agricultural consulting business that focuses of using natural microbes to improve soil, plant and water health through bioremediation. As the Principal of Fitotec I have over 35 years working with 30 different crops [including nurseries] in the State of California.

Laurence London
Salinas, CA
(831) 970-7299

Greg Johansen
The majority of my experience comes from heading up the Integrated Pest Management program for the 400 plus parks of the City of San Diego. I have also run a small organic fertilizing program in Laguna Beach California.

Greg Johansen
Southern CA
(559) 436-2940

Grow West

Jeff Gleaves
Ukiah, CA
(707) 489-0907

Heliae Agriculture
I have over 20 years of Agronomic experience working with growers, crop advisers, and industry professionals in California and Arizona developing solutions for their specialty organic crops with emphasis on crop nutrition and IPM.  Most recently I have joined Heliae Ag which is focused on regenerative agriculture and working with technologies to improve soil health.

Jon Collison
California and Arizona
(661) 340-8495

McAbee Ag Consulting, Inc.
We have experience in organic materials and cropping systems. A few of the main crops are wine grapes, almonds, pistachios, cannabis, hemp, etc.

Kyle McAbee
Santa Margarita, CA
(805) 591-0896

Nick J. Canata
I have experience in Organics: Berries, Pistachio’s and Grapes

Nick J. Canata

Richard French

Richard French
Penn Valley, CA
(530) 682-6354

Rincon-Vitova Insectaries, Inc.
RVI produces and distributes insects and other organisms, supplies and tools for biological control of pests.  We are pioneers in the use of natural enemies in ecologically based pest management.

Ron Whitehurst

(805) 746-5368

Rush & Associates
Forensic agronomy and crop damage specialists. Rush & Associates specializes in agriculture-related damage issues including crop losses associated with trespass chemical drift, substance and water contamination, product failures, material toxicities, soil contamination, post harvest quality disputes including litigation expert witness testimony, primarily in English.

Dale W. Rush
Salinas, CA
(831) 484-4834

Simplot Grower Solutions
Simplot can provide all organic inputs for crop protection and crop nutrition. We have agronomists that specialize in all California crops available.

Michael Gilmore
(209) 471-1871

Spencer Bray
Complete OSPs start at $3000, Food Safety Programs start at $8000

Spencer Bray
Rancho Mirage, CA
(760) 989-2205

True Organic Products, Inc.
13 years of organic farming experience working with large and small organic farms Experience developing an organic crop fertility plan Working knowledge of the National Organic Standards including allowed inputs

Johnny Peck
California, Arizona, & Mexico
(559) 281-8596

Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness

Joel Wiley
Salinas, CA
(831) 422-6473