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IMPORTANT: New Legal Language in Manual One

por Jon Knapp |

Please be aware that effective March 5, 2012, CCOF has modified u201cCCOF Manual One: A Guide to CCOF Certificationu201d to more clearly define u201cclientsu201d and provide additional indemnification and limitation of liability clauses. We have also slightly modified the existing section 4.9 Complaint, Investigation, and Adverse Action Fees to include u201cany contested actionu201d in the costs that clients, applicants, and others are responsible for should CCOF prevail in mediation, dispute, proceeding, or other contested action.

These changes are designed to ensure CCOFu2019s ongoing success and our ability to serve you in the future. All CCOF clients are advised to familiarize themselves with these changes by reviewing sections 2.11, 2.12, and 4.9 of CCOF Manual One.

Manual One now includes a simple description of what to expect in the certification process.