Finance Director – Agriculture and Land Based Training Association (ALBA)

Title: Finance Director
Status: Non-Exempt, At-Will
Annual salary: $55,000 - $70,000 
Reports to: Finance Director  
Status: Salaried Position, At-will, 100% FTE
The Finance Director is responsible for the management of the corporation’s fiscal systems and for the provision of timely and accurate monthly financial statements to the Board of Directors. S/he also functions as the corporation’s human resource officer and is responsibility for various administrative duties. 
  • Provide to the Board of Directors monthly financial statements, completed in accordance with Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles; 
  • Develop the corporation’s annual budget and provide appropriate documentation supporting projected expenditures and revenue; prepare and present to the Board of Directors a monthly cash flow analysis and an analysis of budgeted to actual monthly revenue and expenses; 
  • Monitor grant and contract expenditures to ensure these are in accordance with approved budgets and other contractual requirements;
  • Develop or improve the organization’s administrative systems to ensure the proper filing of financial and administrative documents; maintain personnel files; manage insurance and fringe benefits programs and claims; complete other administrative duties as assigned; 
  • Supervise and evaluate fiscal and administrative support staff; ensure compliance with the corporation’s administrative and financial policies and procedures;
  • Submit timely and accurate payment requests to grantors and produce buyers in order to avoid delayed payments and cash-flow shortages;
  • Process payroll, receivables, deposits; track farmer and vendor payments; 
  • Maintain ownership, repair and, maintenance records on the corporation’s physical assets such as office furniture and machines, farm equipment, vehicles, etc. 
  • Complete requisite financial reports to all public and private grantors;
  • Prepare for and provide all requested information and documents to the corporation’s independent auditor to ensure timely completion of the annual audit;
  • Maintain correspondence and positive relationships with grantors, vendors,  farmers, and contractors; 

» Master’s degree in financial management or B.A. or B.S. in these fields and with at least three years’ experience as an accountant in non-profit and/or business management; knowledge of budget planning and development; ability to complete cash flow proforma projections; non-profit fund accounting preferred; knowledge of QuickBooks; bilingual English-Spanish is desirable 

To Apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter to  

Contact Information

Patricia Carrillo