Farm Manager/Worker and Personnel Supervisor on Maui

Full time job managing and supervising and working with two farm workers on gorgeous 4-acre Hale Akua Garden Farm on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii. The diversified solar supported organic farm also functions in connection with the onsite residential retreat center overlooking 30 miles of pristine tropical Maui coastline. Successful candidate will demonstrate good communication and team building skills. Farm manager will work closely with managers of the retreat center for collaborative success of both the farm and the retreat center. Training in Compassionate Communication (NVC) is provided for field workers, retreat center managers and other staff almost every week. If more hours are needed to complete a complex job, hours can expand if necessary, for a short period of time.
Supervisory job includes meeting with farm workers five mornings a week and designing the work for the day together with their help; one day may be a weekend day. Field workers then go out together sometimes with the farm manager, do the tasks and report back to farm manager on progress achieved and challenges encountered end of the day. Farm manager creates a daily written record of the work she or he has done, and the work done by the staffers. Problems are also put into the written record. All expenses and income are recorded in a preliminary budget sheet at the end of the day. Problems and solutions are also discussed by phone with the owner of the farm at least once a week if not more.
A written record of what has been done on the farm, a description of any problems and a weekly summary of income and expenses are also sent to the owner each week Farm includes several vegetable fields, 2 managed gardens, approximately 20 fruit trees, 75 chickens, 10 ducks , three bee hives, two aquaponics installations and organically raised tilapia and koi. A mushroom growing house is also currently being rebuilt. The use of consultants and veterinarians is actively supported by the owner to address problems or create new plans.
In January 2020, the farm is expected to become again a full farm school with up to five interns who stay for a period of five months. The farm manager can also teach if that person has had experience with this.
Working at Hale Akua Garden Farm is truly a wonderful experience with people who are trained both in communication and in farming. It is a wonderful place to grow both personally and professionally. Are you our next farm manager, sustainability director, and team builder? Here at Hale Akua we are growing people as well as vegetables, fruits, eggs and spices.
Farm supervisor is responsible for orchard management, animal husbandry, monthly, quarterly, and annual farm plan, with goals for each time period written up and reviewed by management team and by owner. Also required is a daily write up of ongoing farm activities each day on what has been accomplished. This will be sent to the owner, caretaker, and retreat center managers each Friday. The report also includes any income and expenses from the previous week.
Farm manager also needs to keep records and oversee inspection visits to maintain qualification as a certified organic farm. Farm manager will also design farm business plan with monthly, quarterly, and eventually annual budget for the farm together with input from farm owner, caretaker and field workers, discussions with farm owner will occur on a regular basis about budget. Substantial changes in farm structure can happen if necessary, to reduce losses and maximize income including possible modification of crop inventory plan. Farm manager will also work with the purchasing department on needed farm supplies. Also, farm manager will keep track of accounts with stores and restaurants and with the farmer’s market and provide a written ledger of all tools, amendments, seeds, etc. purchased each month. Additionally, he or she will oversee the stocking of the community fridge. He/she will interact with any farm consultants hired by owner about different parts of the farm and will also oversee composting, soil testing, and biochar production. Any problems with the residence of the farm workers will also be communicated to the owner.
Compensation based on experience level. 100% paid health, dental, and vision insurance is provided and weekly training in Compassionate Communication. Additionally, vacation, holiday, and sick time accrued each pay period.
Hale Akua Garden Farm has a 60-foot swimming pool and a hot tub which can be used by the farm manager after hours. Yoga classes are sometimes held on the property and are open to the farm manager on flexible off hours, as well. Farm manager will help to plan, schedule, and monitor farm classes on topics such as Hawaiian traditional farming, biodynamic practices, Korean natural farming, regenerative techniques, and beekeeping. Other classes in Nonviolent Communication may also be added. Other topics as suggested by the farm manager and approved by the owner through the weekly reports, may be presented. All farmers are invited to participate tuition free on their time.
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