Farm Manager Wanted for 320-acre Organic Farm

We have a flock of sheep (100), and historically have grown alfalfa, wheat, milo, rice, and some produce – pumpkins, leafy greens, tomatoes, melons, artichokes, asparagus, and flowers. 
The right candidate needs to know how to drive and maintain our tractors (1 new Kubota and one old D-C) irrigate and mend fences. We are planning to start a composting operation as well. He/she should also be excited by the chance to create a sustainable organism that produces healthy soil, and healthy food. 
We are interested in a rotation of livestock, cover crops, and other practices to achieve sustainability, but we are open to suggestions/your genius.
After the first year, in which we get to know each other, we propose a partnership which provides a percentage of crop proceeds in addition to a base salary. There is also a modest 3-bedroom 2-bath modular home available on site. 
Work starts as soon as possible.
Please mail your resume (or any questions) to We will respond quickly.

Contact Information

Rachel Pelican