Dealing With Excess Harvest? We Turn Your Produce Into Shelf-Stable Products

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Are you looking for ways to divert crops planted for restaurant and grocery accounts? Do you feel like you blend in & get lost amongst all the other farms in your area selling raw fruits & veggies?
We turn your crops into value-added products for you to sell throughout the year. Jams, sauces, syrups - the types of products consumers spend the majority of their food dollars on.
We work with fresh produce and reasonable quantity runs because our mission is to support small farmers. With our private-label program you can use template labels and approved recipes to get crops into jars in just a few weeks.
1 choose a recipe from our catalogue of award winning products
2 add a logo to our template label or design your own
3 confirm a production date & pay your deposit
4 drop off produce & labels on your scheduled production date
5 pick up your branded finished product ready-to-sell
To preserve your produce & profits call Merrilee at 707-479-1979

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Merrilee Olson