ALBA Farm Manager

Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA) 
Title: Farm Manager 
Job Description: The Farm Manager’s primary responsibilities are to manage ALBA’s farm operations and to supervise its farm-maintenance employees. The Farm Manager will provide operational and technical assistance to farmers enrolled in ALBA’s farm-business incubator. The Farm Manager will support the farmers—individually and collectively—in their efforts to improve their farming and business skills.
Status: Full-Time, Exempt, At-Will 
Salary range: $50,000 - $70,000 
Reports to: Executive Director 
Schedule: Salaried Position, flexible- hours to include some nights and weekends 
  • Establish and maintain productive relationships with ALBA’s farmers; 
  • Provide ongoing technical assistance to the farmers in production, harvesting, and packing; work with farmers individually and as a group as necessary to address issues regarding the quality of the produce, the quality and consistency of the pack, the timing of deliveries, the adherence to crop plans, the fulfillment of orders, and appropriate communications when issues arise; 
  • Coordinate for outside field assistance from partner organizations and individuals; 
  • Oversee the daily management of the farm and the maintenance and safe use of equipment; 
  • Assist new farm tenants with training on equipment use; 
  • Establish and monitor protocols to ensure the safety of persons coming onto the farm and ALBA farm facilities and property; 
  • Maintain ALBA’s Injury & Illness Prevention Program; 
  • Oversee and assist with the maintenance of farm buildings, wells, and roads and ensure compliance with facility usage policies; 
  • Supervise ALBA field staff; 
  • Establish and monitor protocols for field staff and farmers to ensure weed control and trash removal and to address any intrusion of tree branches into arable areas of ALBA land; 
  • Oversee the use and maintenance of the farm’s irrigation system; 
  • In coordination with the Management Team, participate in the process of allocating land, signing the lease, and developing crop plans for each farmer; 
  • Monitor each farmer to ensure that he or she is in compliance with his or her lease; 
  • Present an overview to new farmers entering the incubator. Review their obligations under the various documents that govern their activities as ALBA farmers; including but not limited to, the lease, farmer policies, food safety policies and procedures, organic certifications and compliance, use of water, equipment, and facilities, and training required prior to such use; 
  • Educate and provide technical assistance in helping farmers apply for organic certification and prepare for organic inspections; 
  • Maintain ALBA’s CCOF Organic Certification; 
  • Maintain ALBA’s CDFA annual registration; 
  • Ranch Management Reporting: 
o Manage ALBA’s Ag Order Enrollment; 
o Oversee ALBA’s domestic water system; 
o Complete other reporting such as Ground-Water Extraction and domestic water annual reports. 
  • Coordinate with Food Safety Management Team (FST) to support the completion of food safety compliance education and audits; 
  • Participate in regular staff team meetings and FST meeting; 
  • Lead monthly ALBA farmer meeting; 
  • Complete grant deliverables that can include special projects, farmer workshops, and additional reporting; 
  • Together with Education Program Director, assist with management of practice filed, including research and demonstration projects; 
  • May be required to assist with harvesting of crops; 
  • Liaise with partners, host visitors, and build partnerships in agriculture community; 
  • Attend professional development opportunities to stay up-to-date with laws, regulations, and emerging trends in sustainable agriculture; 
  • Participate in ALBA’s farmer and community events.
Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture; Bilingual (English/Spanish); Two-years of farm management experience; knowledge of organic agricultural production in the Salinas Valley; knowledge of small-and -commercial-scale organic production techniques; ability to communicate and maintain positive relationships with a diverse constituency, including farmers, vendors, staff, and partners; must be able to operate a tractor and connect implements; must have knowledge of irrigation systems; equipment maintenance experience a plus; must possess a Pest Control Adviser (PCA) or Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) license or be willing to obtain one within two years of employment at ALBA. 
Working Conditions: Work will be outdoors and indoors; must be comfortable climbing stairs; Performs physical labor. May be required to lift/carry up to 50 lbs. May assist others in lifting/carrying objects heavier than 50 lbs.

Contact Information

Patricia Carrillo