Full Belly Farm Sales Manager

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The Sales Manager works with the Full Belly Farm sales team to maximize sales of our diverse and constantly changing line of products. This requires daily contact with dozens of customers, developing strategies that build our connections and relationships with them as well as developing and implementing strategies that result in sales of the full spectrum of available fruits, vegetables and processed items.

Full Belly sells to individual, restaurant, store and wholesale accounts. It is important that the Sales Manager seek out new accounts, and store accounts are especially important in terms of rounding out sales outlets.

This is a job that involves keeping track of many details: updating and sending the price list; finalizing orders; maintaining the email list of availabilities; coordinating information flow for trucking; printing invoices, bills of lading and pallet tags; correcting invoices; filing documents and more.

Visits to stores and meetings with buyers are occasionally scheduled as part of increasing sales. Interacting with the Full Belly Harvest Manager, our Packing Shed Coordinators and other Crew Leaders to assess availabilities and completion of a day’s orders are part of daily responsibilities.

On-Line Store

To sell processed kitchen items, Full Belly maintains an on-line store. Some of the store orders are mailed USPS to our customers. The Sales Manager is responsible for interfacing with the kitchen staff in terms of inventory, and also responsible for fulfillment of the on-line store orders. The Sales Manager will work with a team to develop and implement marketing strategies for the on-line store.

General Outreach, Events and Information

The Sales Manager will be involved in registering guests for some of Full Belly’s events. While this function is in the process of being automated, trouble shooting and answering general questions about events is part of the Sales Manager’s responsibilities.

This job is located in a busy office. Answering phones and taking messages is one of the responsibilities of the job. Other staff members are available many days of the week to assist the Sales Manager in answering phones.

The farm offers some on-farm marketing. Occasionally market customers request assistance and the Sales Manager is needed to help.


The ability to communicate in Spanish is helpful but not required for this job. Facility with database programs, browsers, email programs and social media is required for this position.


This is a full-time, management, supervisory position located at Full Belly Farm five days per week. The nature of this job is that it requires a full-time effort, and the number of hours that entails will vary. The Full Belly farming and outreach cycle means that in some weeks, completing the work that is required will take more time than in others. The summer starting hour will be very early and the days during our busy season can be long.

This position includes 3 paid sick days per year.

This position includes health and dental insurance.

This position includes 2 weeks (10 days) of paid vacation per calendar year.


Please contact Dru Rivers, dru@fullbellyfarm.com if you are interested in applying for this position.

Dru Rivers
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