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College of the Atlantic (COA) seeks a full-time permanent staff member to manage Peggy Rockefeller Farms (PRF), one of the College’s two farms. PRF, located in the Town of Bar Harbor, Maine, is a 125 acre educational farm with 45 acres in organic production, including eggs, broilers, turkeys, pasture and hay, pasture-raised beef and lamb, fruit trees, and limited crop production.

Our ideal candidate has management experience on a diversified livestock farm, is committed to organic and regenerative agricultural practices, and has a passion for education-based diversified farming. The farm manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of managing PRF including but not limited to livestock and pasture management, watershed management, sales and marketing, budgeting, oversight of work study students and seasonal staff, and maintenance of buildings, grounds, and equipment. In collaboration with faculty and staff, the farm manager supports farm-based interdisciplinary educational opportunities for students such as classes and independent projects. The farm manager will work with a diverse student body and must be attentive to students’ cultural backgrounds and center social justice in their educational activities.

Our ideal farm manager will be able to, on occasion, co-teach courses with COA faculty members, and will enthusiastically support project-based learning opportunities at PRF. The manager will also offer PRF as a space for activities that support student wellbeing, such as community dinners and film nights. In collaboration with COA’s dining hall and the Food Systems Working Group, the farm manager will help implement systems to achieve COA’s goals around expanding on-farm education and increasing the supply of farm products to our dining hall.

Required: bachelor’s degree or higher in agroecology, agronomy, animal and veterinary science, horticulture, sustainable agriculture and food systems, or an equivalent degree and/or at least five years of experience raising livestock.

Compensation will depend on education and experience. COA offers competitive benefits. Housing on the property in an historic 1930s farmhouse is a condition of employment.

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