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Certified Organic, the CCOF magazine, covers a variety of subjects for the organic marketplace. For farmers, processors, and consumers, Certified Organic includes the latest hot topics in organic. Past issues can be found below.

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Organic Ranching for Strong Economies and Ecosystems

Winter 2021Plus; CCOF Foundation Awards $500,000 in Transition Grants; CCOF Chapters Come Together to Help Members in Need; CDFA Steps Toward Organic as a Climate Strategy



Regenerative Agriculture: What is Regenerative Agriculture and How is it Relevant to Organic?

Summer 2020Plus; CCOF Foundation Helps Anheuser-Busch Go Organic, CCOF Finds Support for Organic Among State Legislatures, Update on Inspections During COVID-19 Pandemic


Rooting for Organic: 8 Ways to Take it to the Next Level

Winter 2020Plus; 2020 CCOF Annual Meeting and Advocacy Day, Risk Management Options for Livestock Operations, CCOF Highlights Organic Agriculture as Climate Solution



Meet the CCOF Staff

Plus; Get Ready for the 2019 Organic Grower Summit, California Comparable Organic Cannabis Programs, Children's Access to Organic Foods


Maintaining a Strong Labor Force

Summer 2019Plus; Future Organic Farmers: Investing in the Solution, CCOF Weighs in on California State Legislation, Food Safety: Industry Update

Spring edition

It Takes a Village to Raise Organic

Spring 2019Plus; California Coffee: A New Frontier, Training for the Organic Community, Combine Your Food Safety and Organic Inspections

Winter edition

The Benefits of an Organic California

Winter 2019Plus; 2019 CCOF Annual Meeting and Conference, 30 Years Later: How the Grateful Dead Saved CCOF, Resilience Through Chapters


Fall edition

The Future of Organic Farming is in Our Hands

Fall 2018Plus; Anticipation Builds for the Organic Grower Summit, Whole-Farm Revenue Protection, California Cannabis Certification Program

Summer edition

Bringing Organic to the Shelves: Retailers Driving Demand for Organic

Summer 2018Plus; Meeting of the Minds: Connecting the Organic Value Chain, The Organic Farm Bill Timelime, Updates for Importers in the United Sates

Spring edition

Organic Giving Back

Spring 2018Plus; Organic Produce Network Donates $50,000 to CCOF Foundation, CCOF Advocates for Commonsense Water Regulations, CCOF's 2018 Policy Priorities

Winter edition

Organic Hotspots: Organic Agriculture Cultivating Rural Communities

Winter 2018Plus; CCOF Annual Meeting and Conference this February, Enhancing Biodiversity Through Organic Rice Farming, CCOF-certified Farmers Host Legislative Farm Tour


Fall edition

The Farm Bill:. What's in it for Organic?

Fall 2017Plus; CCOF Board Chair Phil LaRocca Awarded Farmer of the Year, Future Organic Farmers of 2017, Congressional Organic Champions

Summer edition

Leading the Way to a More Humane Future for Livestock and Poultry

Summer 2017Plus; Secretary Perdue Announces USDA Reorganization, Membership Vote on CCOF Bylaw Amendments, Organic Cannabis Certification?

Spring edition

Carrying On: Challenges and Hopes of Farm Succession in the Organic Sector

Spring 2017Plus; Buy-sell Agreements Maintain Harmony and Legacy, Honoring Organic Champions and Celebrating Achievements, Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund Applications are Available!

Winter edition

Innovations in Organic

Winter 2017Plus; 2017 Annual Meeting and Conference, CCOF Members Support the Organic Training Institute, Three Ways to Make Scheduling Your Inspection Easier


Fall edition

The Soil Could Save Us

2016 Fall MagazinePlus; Get to Know a Few Future Organic Farmers, COFFA Signed into Law!, MyCCOF Upgrade: User Dashboard

Summer edition

The Age of Organic Transition

Summer 2016Plus; Bringing Organic Home to FFA, CCOF Chapters Get in Formation, Supporting Organic Elders and the Next Generation

Spring edition

Advancing Organic for a Healthy World: CCOF's 2016-2018 Strategic Plan

Spring 2016 MagazinePlus; California Organic Food and Farming Act (COFFA), Approval of Genetically Engineered Salmon, Hydroponic Production Systems Update

Winter edition

Pass the Organic Farming Act

Winter 2016Plus; Determine the Future of "Natural" Food, Working Together for an Organic World


Fall edition

Organic Grain Shortages

Fall 2015 MagazinePlus; Breaking Down Financial Barriers for New Farmers, Helping the Next Generation of Organic Farmers, Zea Sonnabend: Playing for the Organic Team

Summer edition

Instituting Organic Partnerships

Summer 2015Plus; Drought in the Western United States, The New "Going Organic", CCOF Goes to Cuba!

Spring edition

Growing Organic Futures

Spring 2015 MagazinePlus; CCOF Policy Day a Success, New "Non-GMO & More" Certification Seal, Organic Training Institute Events

Winter edition

Organic is Non-GMO

2015 Winter MagazinePlus; Jardine's Shows Some Love in Texas, Corn Silage Variety Trials Yield Results, Traditional Seed Breeding


Fall edition

Every Drop Counts

Fall 2015Plus; CCOF 2015 Annual Meeting, California Groundwater Levels, Future Organic Farmer Grant Recipients

Summer edition

Northern California Organic Road Trip

Summer 2014Plus; GMO Action for CCOF, Upcoming Educational Events, New Director of Farm Programs

Spring edition

Getting the Degree

2014 SpringPlus; CCOF Producers Offer Feed During Drought, "Farming the Urban Edge" Summary, Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Winter edition

Urban Roots

Winter 2014 MagazinePlus; New Member Spotlights, 2014 Bus Tour Sneak Peak, The Importance of Protecting Bees


Fall edition

Organic Seed for Our Future

2013 Fall MagazinePlus; CCOF Organic Seed Producers, Field-Level Food Safety Certification, EFA Water Stewardship Project

Summer edition

Organic Leading the Way to Safe Food

2013 Summer MagazinePlus; Food Safety Resources, Changes to Japanese Export System, GAP Survey Analysis

Spring edition

Funding California's Next Generation of Organic

Spring 2013 MagazinePlus; Succession Planning for Farmers; Direct Marketing in California; Practices, Not Paperwork Initative

Winter edition

CCOF's 40th Anniversary Edition: A Force to be Reckoned With

Winter 2013 Plus; New Year, New Services; More Great CCOF Trainings in 2013!; Five Ways to Reduce Nitrogen Leaching


Fall edition

Farm-Based Education

2012 Fall MagazinePlus, Organic Hops in Demand Say Hay Farms Builds Organic Flavor Interview with Brian Leahy of DPR
Summer edition

An Organic Feast

Plus, Member Recipes: Fresh for Summer, Must-Attend Trainings from CCOF, New Client Compliance Agreement

Spring edition

Organic Indulgence

Plus, CCOF's Materials Evolution Begins, Fresh Faces in Chapter Leadership, Organic Seed Gains Ground

Winter edition

Organic Roots Growing Strong

Plus, CCOF Expands Education Program, New Member Spotlights, Organic Equivalency Updates


Fall edition

Rediscovering Food Heritage

Fall 2011 MagazinePlus, Improvements to MyCCOF, Postharvest Tips from the Field, 2011 Growth in Farmers’ Markets

Summer edition

Natural Resource Conservation Funding in Action

Summer 2011 MagazinePlus, Fighting for a Food Bill, Organic Marketing Webinars, U.S.-Canada Organic Regime

Spring edition

Growing a More Sustainable Food Trade

Spring 2011 MagazinePlus, Friendly New Faces at CCOF, OTA’s Report from the Capital, Supporting Organic Interests

Winter edition

Sharing Your Story

Winter 2011 MagazinePlus, MyCCOF: New Online Certification Tool, Accessing Specialty Organic Markets, NOSB Updates, International News


Fall edition

Organic Urban Farms Strengthen Communities

Plus, Education and Promotion, Certification News, Policy and Advocacy

Summer edition

Veterans Find New Mission in Organic Farming

Summer 2010 MagazinePlus, Education and Promotion, Certification News, Policy and Advocacy

Spring edition

An Organic Road Trip

Spring 2010 MagazinePlus, The Age of Enforcement, NOP Update, Organic and Certification News, Policy and Advocacy

Winter Edition

Change from the Ground Up

Winter 2010 MagazinePlus, Member Spotlight, Tips for Exporting, Certification Updates, Organic News


Fall edition

Organic Gives Back

Fall 2009 MagazinePlus, Upcoming CCOF Events, Member News, Food Safety Update, Organic Labeling Requirements

Summer edition

Organic Across the Generations

Summer 2009 MagazinePlus, Accessing Farmers’ Markets, Book Review, New Wine Standards

Spring edition

Building Healthy Soil

Spring 2009 MagazinePlus,  Liquid Fertilizer Issues, Organic Practices for Soil Fertility, Updates on International Standards, Member News

Winter edition

The True Value of Organic

Winter 2009 MagazinePlus, Healthy Farms, Healthy People; CCOF Policy Setting Criteria; Advocacy Updates; Certification News


Fall edition

Toasting Organic Beer and Wine

Fall 2008 MagazinePlus, Organic Beer, Organic Community, Talking Terroir: From Soil to Sip; Advocacy Update; Member News

Summer edition

Water and Organic Farming – Crisis or Opportunity?

Summer 2008 MagazinePlus, Certification News, Member Profile, Biodiversity Tips, Calendar of Events

Spring edition

Our Bright Future CCOF’s Three-Year Strategic Plan

Spring 2008 MagazinePlus, Know your CCOF, Biodiversity Tips, CCOF: Living Environments in Color, Understanding Certification

Winter edition

Bridging the Leafy Greens Divide

Winter 2008 MagazinePlus, Food Safety Procedures for Small Growers, Biodiversity Tips, NOSB Meeting Report, CCOF’s New Logos


Fall edition

Food Safety: Facts and Myths Surrounding E.Coli Outbreak of 2006

Fall 2007 MagazinePlus, Announcing Special Events, Calculating Organic Percentages, Farm Bill Update, Global GMO News, Going Organic Project Gears Up

Summer edition

Growing our Future Organic Education

Summer 2007 MagazinePlus, Policy and Advocacy Update; Attention Animal Brokers and Pay Producers; State GMO Bills, Bans and Lawsuits Increase; Certification Education Affiliations

Spring edition

2007 Farm Bill – Organic Famers Demand Fair Share

Spring 2007 MagazinePlus, Organic Liquid Fertilizers, Introducing AB 541, Grower Group Certification, Global GMO News

Winter edition

Protecting Sustainable Resources

Winter 2007 MagazinePlus, Expedited Certification Services, E. Coli Update, GMO News, Going Organic Quick Facts, Organic Event Calendar, Film Review: A Silent Forest


Fall edition

Demand on the Rise

Fall 2006 MagazinePlus, Taste Organic Beer, Wine and Spirits; Reminder on Commercial Availability; GMO News; Book Review: Omnivore’s Dilemma; Organic Events Calendar

Summer edition

CCOF at a Crossroads

Summer 2006 MagazinePlus, Organic Livestock Standards Update; GMO News; New Certification Services Director; Book Review: Organic, Inc.; Organic Events Calendar

Spring edition

Public Schools: Organic on 45 Cents a Day

Spring 2006 MagazinePlus, Organic Benefits Shown, CCOF Member Discounts, Help with Farm Inputs, GMO News

Winter edition

Going Organic: Training New Growers

Winter 2006 MagazinePlus, CCOF Supports Biodiversity Efforts, GMO News, Member Survey Preview, 2005 Year in Review, New Global Market Access Program


Fall edition

Organics’ Global Reach

Fall 2005 MagazinePlus, Organic Produce Prices Hold, CCOF Pavilion at All Things Organic, Organic Fish Ban, GMO News, Organic Cosmetics Allowed, Mexican Organic Standards

Summer edition

The Organic Generation

Summer 2005 MagazinePlus, New Farmers’ Market Rules, Lawsuit Changes Organic Standards, GMO News

Spring edition

The Evolving Relationship: Between Farmers and Retailers

Spring 2005 MagazinePlus, Industrial Hemp Legislations, Glossy Paper? Still Recycled, Wine Label Update, Movie Reviews



Fall edition

Certification News

Fall 2004 MagazinePlus, At Work for You, Certification News You Can Use, CCOF Clients in the News, Achievements in 2004, Why Maintain Organic Certification, Successful Certification Tips

Summer edition

Mainstreaming America to Organic Processed Food

Summer 2004 MagazinePlus, Why Organic, California Organics ’92-’02, GMO Rice, USDA Policy Statement

Spring edition

Organic Seed Issue

Spring 2004 MagazinePlus, CSAs: Fresh, Local, Organic; Organic Beef; Strawberries; Can I Use This Material

Winter edition

Consolidation in Organic Agriculture

Winter 2004 MagazinePlus, Growing Up Organic, California Fires, Winter Squash, CCOF History 2000-2003


Fall edition

Organic Farmers' Markets

Fall 2003 MagazinePlus, West Nile Virus, Focus on Food: Tomatoes, CCOF History: 1990-2000, Sacramento Ag Expo

Summer edition

The Brave New World of Genetic Engineering

Summer 2003 MagazinePlus, GE-Free California, When Transgenes Wander, (wild)Life Support: Rice, CCOF History: 1980-1990

Spring edition

Farming with the Wild

Spring 2003 MagazinePlus, Spring Spears: Asparagus, Mexican Fruit Fly, Ag Research Dollars, CCOF: The Early Years

Winter edition

CCOF's 30th Anniversary

Fall 2003 MagazinePlus, Broccoli: Crown Jewel, Evaluating Compost, Organic Raw Milk, Lawn Care Chemicals


Fall edition

The Best of Agroecology

Fall 2002 MagazinePlus, Profile: Two Dog Farm, Apples-
Fall’s Fresh Flavor, Organic Cosmetics, Visit CCOF’s New Website

Summer edition

Herstory: Women in Organic Agriculture

Summer 2002 MagazinePlus, Women in CCOF Today, Fruit of the Summer Sun, Health – Sun Protection, Organic System Plan Q&A