CCOF Foundation Feast at Organic Grower Summit

Join us for the CCOF Foundation Feast on December 4 to celebrate pioneers in organic agriculture.
We’ll spend the evening celebrating and remembering our 2019 Organic Champion awardee, Dr. Karen Klonsky. Guests will hear from inspiring future organic farmers and co-founder of The Farm Project, Jacob Pechenik. Live music provided courtesy of local bluegrass band Whiskey West.
Pechenik founded the Farm Project in 2016 with actress and activist, Zooey Deschanel, with the mission of reconnecting people with their food, educating consumers about the agricultural industry, and empowering businesses and people alike to take action towards a more sustainable food system for all. Pechenik will share his enthusiasm for the future of food with us as the keynote speaker at the Feast. 
The event will also posthumously honor Dr. Klonsky as this year’s Organic Champion awardee. Klonsky spent nearly four decades working for University of California Cooperative Extension, doing much of her research out of the University of California, Davis. Klonsky’s work has been instrumental in paving the way for countless organic professionals and concerned environmentalists. Among the many citations of her work, Klonsky’s research was instrumental to the development of the CCOF Foundation’s Roadmap to an Organic California: Benefits Report, which makes the case for investing in organic agriculture as a solution to many of California’s challenges. Klonsky spent her lifetime championing organic, and her work continues to advance organic agriculture.
This event is held in conjunction with the Organic Grower Summit, which brings together organic fresh food producers and their service and supply chain partners for two days of education, information, and networking opportunities. Learn more at
The CCOF Foundation Feast is an opportunity to celebrate our collective achievements in organic agriculture over the past year, connect with friends, and get inspired for the new year to come. We hope you will join us.