CCOF’s OSP Walk-Through Service: Customized Training for Your Staff

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Date Published: 
July 26, 2017

CCOF provides individualized training on how to maintain your Organic System Plan in our systems!

Register for an OSP walk-through today! Complete the OSP Walk-Through Service registration and return it by email to or by fax to (831) 423-4528. You will be contacted within one week to schedule the training.

Get yourself or your staff up to speed on maintaining your Organic System Plan (OSP) as quickly as possible with CCOF’s new OSP Walk-Through Service. Walk-throughs will be led by a CCOF Certification Specialist and can be customized for your specific operation. By the end of the training, your staff will understand:

  • your operation’s OSP and how to update it,
  • how to track and respond to CCOF compliance requests, 
  • where to find inspection information, and 
  • how to best prepare for an inspection.

Plus, you’ll take a tour of CCOF’s online certification management tool, MyCCOF. Learn how to:

  • download certificates,
  • search and add materials to your OSP, 
  • manage payments and pay bills,
  • manage multiple certified operations from one account, and
  • track your CCOF-certified suppliers and access their certification status in real-time.

Be prepared for your next annual inspection and avoid costly mistakes that can affect your certification. 

Who is this service for? 

  • This service is perfect for staff who are new to your organic system or who need additional training. Newly certified operations, businesses with recent ownership change, and any operation preparing for an upcoming inspection will benefit from a personalized OSP walk-through. 

What will CCOF provide? 

  • A basic understanding of how to work most effectively with CCOF: how and where to direct communications, turnaround times for requests, and where to find useful information on
  • Resource materials and a login for MyCCOF.
  • A customized webinar, focused on your OSP and MyCCOF account, complete with instruction on how to update your specific company details.
  • Time for questions with a CCOF Certification Specialist who can provide tips and tricks for maintaining your certification.

How much does the walk-through service cost? 

  • The cost for the OSP Walk-Through service is $425 for 90 minutes. Each additional hour will be billed at $100 per hour.
  • Payment for the service will be billed after the training.