Veritable Vegetable and Other Bay Area Wholesalers Host CCOF for Annual Wholesale Market Tour

CCOF members, academics, journalists, and organically-interested conventional producers had the privilege of touring through some of the Bay Area’s premier wholesale operations on Wednesday, December 10. Long time organic food purveyor Veritable Vegetable brought the tour group into the inner recesses of their South San Francisco warehouses to give participants a firsthand experience of the ‘cold-chain.’ Participants bundled up to witness old and new Veritable Vegetable wholesale warehouses in action and learn what a good-pack versus bad-pack means for Veritable standards. They also learned about Veritable Vegetable’s values-match program as well as their B Corps certification. In addition to Veritable Vegetable, participants were once again hosted by the charismatic duo of Earl and Robert, from Earl’s Organic Produce, for a whirlwind trip through their new facilities. Earl stressed the importance of pre-chilling, food safety, and (above all) relationships! Participants were thrilled to take a brisk walkabout with Michael Janis of the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market. Stops included Cook’s Company, Washington Vegetable, and VegiWorks. Stay tuned for more great programs from the Organic Training Institute in 2015!