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Written by Cassidy Carmichael on Tuesday, October 13, 2020 on general organic, policy

The FDA has proposed a new rule to lay the foundation for full food supply chain tracking. Once the rule is finalized, additional traceability records will be required for specific foods and ingredients, including cheese, eggs, nut butter, cucumbers, fresh herbs, all leafy greens, melons, peppers, sprouts, tomatoes, tropical tree fruits, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, and others. Review the proposed rule and  comment by January 21, 2021.
Written by Cassidy Carmichael on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 on general organic

Chris Kidwell

CCOF wishes to thank and congratulate Chris Kidwell upon his retirement after 30 years as an organic inspector!  During the 1990s, Kidwell served on the CCOF Certification Standards Committee as the chair of the Inspector Development Subcommittee and represented inspectors as a non-voting member of the CCOF Board of Directors. Kidwell has contributed to the development of the organic inspector profession as an active member of the Independent Organic Inspectors Association since 1994, ad has served on the Board of Directors and the membership committee.  CCOF has relied on Kidwell’s highly...