USDA Reports Organic Price Data

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has integrated organic price data into its market news reporting system. AMS price data reporting helps organic producers assess markets and establish price points for their products. These data are a useful resource for those who are considering entering the organic marketplace and are formulating a business plan. The information also assists buyers and processors who need to know the price of raw materials they use in their products.

AMS issues a daily report on organic specialty crop prices based on information gathered at terminal markets, shipping points, and retail outlets around the country. These reports cover prices for 133 organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They also provide movement data and brief “market tones” that characterize sales trends (for example: light, lower, steady, etc.).

AMS also compiles a bi-weekly organic grain and feedstuffs report and a weekly certified organic poultry and eggs report. The national hay, feed, and seed weekly summary includes organic hay and seed price and availability when possible.

Similarly, AMS integrates organic milk and dairy product sales and price data into the weekly National Retail Report—Dairy. Bi-weekly Organic Dairy Market News reports include market overview, retail overview, fluid overview, and a bi-weekly dairy organic report.

Highlights from each of these reports are packaged in a weekly summary of organic commodity prices,  which includes price data for hot commodities.