USDA Implements California Federal Milk Marketing Order

USDA implemented the new California Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) on November 1, 2018. FMMOs are voluntary, industry-driven marketing initiatives that establish the terms of trade between farmers and the first buyer of milk. FMMOs also develop minimum milk prices based on market values with respect to supply and demand conditions.
California dairy producers voted to approve the FMMO in June 2018. The order required at least a two-thirds vote from all dairy producers in California. 
California organic producers are not exempted from the FMMO. Organic producers are exempted from some federal marketing orders and research and promotion programs. The exemptions do not include FMMOs. 
For more information about the California FMMO, please contact Erin Taylor, Order Formulation and Enforcement Division, Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA at (202) 720-7311 or