Triple the Phone Service

On January 28, CCOF Certification Services achieved a huge milestone by tripling our front line phone service. As we’ve reported previously and talked about in the CCOF blog, CCOF has digitized about 1 million pages of our client files. This means that we are no longer making copies of files for inspectors and your OSP is available in real-time online. The time, energy, and postage we’re saving from no longer building physical inspection packages are now directed towards three additional staff members available to answer your incoming phone calls. These staff members are trained to help you, fulfill simple requests, or route your call to appropriate staff. Three weeks later and we’re already finding that more callers are being served, questions are being answered, and service provided.

We Need your Input and Information at Inspections

Another important service aspect of 2013 is improvements we’ve made to our inspection update forms. At every inspection you have the opportunity to update your contact information and company profile. Now we’ve updated this form to give you an opportunity to tell us about your operation. You’ll be asked about ways that you’re unique, your use of USDA and other government services, and whether you’re willing to host tours for policymakers and others. This information is critical for CCOF to support your needs and promote your operation. Please take the few extra minutes to fill out these short questions so we can deliver for you.

We’re not Slowing Down! Give us your Feedback

In the coming months we’re working on ways to improve our communications and provide new services to you. Recently, a long standing client gave us some fascinating feedback about letters and ways we can put you at the center of our communications. We’re incredibly grateful for his contribution and are working on integrating as much as we can throughout the process. Over the course of the year we intend to review all our materials and nearly every piece of information you see during the certification process so we can improve them with you in mind. Please stay in touch and work with us as we try to improve your experience. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to leave us a comment.

All of us at CCOF appreciate your efforts and thank you for your support.