Survey Seeks Input from Organic Handlers

A new research study, The Relationship between Handlers and Farmers in the Organic Sector, supported by Professor Carolyn Dimitri of New York University, requests input from certified organic handlers nationwide.
This study has several intended benefits for the organic sector, including the identification of: (1) the technical and economic assistance companies provide to organic growers; (2) the extent to which organic handlers encourage domestic organic production; and (3) the opportunities to increase awareness of how the private sector supports organic farming.
The survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. It includes questions about the handling facility and the facility's relationship with suppliers. Upon completion of the survey, respondents qualify to win one of six $25 Visa gift cards. Please include contact information at the end of the survey to enter the drawing.
We hope to receive input from certified organic handlers of all sizes, geographic regions, and product types. Please click here to begin the survey. The survey will close October 1, 2017.
This article was submitted by Haley Baron.
Haley Baron is a Food Studies graduate student at New York University focusing on sustainable methods of production and distribution. Her academic advisor is Professor Carolyn Dimitri.