Seed a Challenge? Tell Us About It

We need your help gathering data on organic seed use! The Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) is a non-profit organization focused on furthering on-farm breeding through education and advocacy. Their work is informed by organic farmer experience with seeds, which they collect through a survey. OSA is now gathering data from organic farmers in California. Please take the survey.

For organic farmers, something as basic as buying seed can be an annual challenge. Organic farmers must use organic seed, and seed industry consolidation has resulted in a drastic reduction of seed varieties available in the marketplace. Moreover, the rapid adoption of genetically modified corn and soy has led to chronic genetic contamination of grain crops and seed.

The Organic Seed Alliance focuses their work specifically on these issues. This national survey is used to prepare the State of Organic Seed Report, which documents seed availability and use, challenges in sourcing organic seed, and organic breeding needs. Organizations like CCOF also use the survey to advocate for policies related to organic seeds and breeding.

Even if you currently do not use organic seed, we encourage all certified growers to participate in this vital national assessment.

Your responses are voluntary and will be held confidential by Organic Seed Alliance. Your certifier will not see your responses. Responses will be compiled and analyzed as a group and will not be identifiable by individual or farm.

Please fill out the survey by December 6.

If you have any questions about the survey or organic seed, direct them to Jared Zystro at or (707) 502-9984.