Revitalization: The North Coast Chapter Shakes the Rust

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CCOF-certified members in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa counties recently coordinated their efforts to revitalize the North Coast Chapter. The original chapter disbanded a couple of years back due to a lack of interest. On June 12, they met to solicit nominations for board members, discuss chapter goals, and mingle with one another.

The meeting brought forth an eclectic group of members. Andrea Davis’ Quarter Acre Farm blog post that summarized the meeting stated that “wineries, vegetable farms, a meat processor, a coffee roaster, vineyard managements and even an ice cream producer” were in attendance.

The North Coast Chapter’s revitalization is a positive earmark in our organization’s history. The re-emergence displays a growing organic movement, organic community, and determination to increase organic awareness. CCOF is excited to see our membership in this area coming together to revitalize their chapter!

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