Proposed Regulations Open Industrial Hemp Cultivation in California

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) announced proposed rulemaking on updated industrial hemp cultivation regulations for California. The updated regulations establish a registration fee for commercial industrial hemp cultivators and allow for California farmers to begin hemp cultivation. 
Written comments will be accepted on the updated regulations until 5:00 p.m. on December 24, 2018. Comments can be submitted to via email or mailed to:
Dean Kelch 
Department of Food and Agriculture 
Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services 
1220 N Street 
Sacramento, CA 95814 
CDFA proposes to establish an annual registration fee of $900 per applicant for each county where the applicant intends to cultivate industrial hemp as a commercial grower or seed breeder. The fee will be paid to the county agricultural commissioner to provide oversight, training, and assistance to county inspectors. 
California represent the largest consumer and industrial market for raw hemp materials and products in the United States. CDFA notes that opening hemp cultivation will likely promote the creation of new jobs and businesses in the state. 
To review requirements for organic certification of hemp, please see the National Organic Program’s “Organic Certification of Industrial Hemp Production Instruction.”
For more information about the proposed rulemaking, contact Dean Kelch at or (916) 403-6650. For more information about CCOF’s work on industrial hemp, please contact Peter Nell.