The Organic Coup Becomes America’s First USDA Certified Organic Fast Food Restaurant

The Organic Coup

The Organic Coup, America’s first USDA Certified Organic fast food restaurant, certified by CCOF, opened its first location in Pleasanton, California, on Tuesday, November 10. The restaurant serves only organic options, featuring a crispy chicken sandwich.

The Organic Coup was created to progress the organic movement and change the way people think about food. The name is Coup, not Coop, because it was hatched to spark a food revolution in which consumers help to transform the conventional food system.

“The inspiration for The Organic Coup came from the lack of convenient clean food available. We were frustrated with the fact there just weren't any quick options at lunch or on busy weekends,” said Erica Welton, founder of The Organic Coup. “When we started down this path, we knew we wanted to serve only organic and were shocked to learn how few restaurants were actually USDA certified. We were even more shocked to learn that there wasn’t a single USDA organic certified [operation] in the fast food restaurant category.”

The Organic Coup’s focus is providing a clean and sustainable option that not only tastes better, but also makes a difference in quality of life for the future.

“Eating USDA certified organic food gives the consumer the confidence of the seal. This certification says the food is free of GMOs, toxic chemicals and pesticides, and livestock is raised without the use of antibiotics and added hormones,” Welton explained. “Organic supports family farms and tends to be more local. Organic farming practices also support regenerative agriculture which has a positive effect on our planet.”

The Coup is changing the dynamics of the fast food industry by investing in their employees. “Team Coup” will be the best-compensated in the business.

The goal for The Organic Coup is to open several more restaurants within the next year.

The Organic Coup is headquartered in Walnut Creek, California.


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