Modesto to Host Farm Bill Session August 5

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Modesto, California will host the next House Committee on Agriculture’s farm bill listening session. The session will start at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 5, 2017 at:
Modesto Junior College West Campus – ACE Ag Pavilion
Brink Ave. & Shoemaker Ave.
Modesto, CA 95385
Committee Chairman K. Michael Conaway and Ranking Member Collin Peterson are hosting the session to gather input from farmers and stakeholders that will help them form the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill includes funding to the National Organic Program (NOP), the National Organic Certification Cost Share Program, the Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI), and many programs that benefit organic producers. It covers 12 sections or titles: commodities, conservation, trade, nutrition, credit, rural development, research, forestry, energy, specialty crops and horticulture, crop insurance, and miscellaneous programs. 
CCOF highly encourages members to attend the listening session. Members of the public will be able to return commenting cards to committee staff with feedback and some members of the public may be selected to give oral comments to the committee. Attending the session is a great opportunity to engage with national policy and discussion while representing the organic community. CCOF staff will attend the meeting and will be available to help facilitate commenting.
CCOF will continue to track the development of the 2018 Farm Bill. Please contact CCOF’s policy department with any questions.