Meet Daniel Donate: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

The Future Organic Farmer Grant winners were judged to have the strongest combination of commitment to leading a lifelong career in organic agriculture, investment and participation in the organic community, and dedication to growing the organic movement. Each grant recipient will receive $5,000 to apply toward their studies in organic agriculture. 

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Daniel Donate
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Agribusiness – California

Born and raised in Salinas, California, Daniel has been surrounded by agriculture his whole life. It was in Salinas that his parents made a living as laborers, but before coming to the United States, they tended their own lands in Mexico and grew strawberries as their primary crop. As a child, Daniel was enrolled in a children’s development program that gave him greater insight into the agricultural industry and left a lasting impression on him.

His interest in agriculture wasn’t sparked again until after high school when he enrolled at Hartnell Community College and studied Agriculture Business. He was also able to start the farming classes offered by the Agriculture and Land Based Training Association (ALBA). After completing the eight-month program at ALBA, he plans to lease half an acre to start his own farming operation. Daniel also plans to continue his education at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he will earn a B.S. in Agribusiness.

Congratulations Daniel!

Please join us in congratulating the vocational and higher education recipients of the CCOF Foundation’s 2015 Future Organic Farmer Grants.