Meet Brenda Lopez: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

Since 2014, Future Organic Farmers has partnered with the National FFA Organization to give grants to high school students who are interested in conducting organic Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) projects. In collaboration with an FFA advisor, these students design organic agricultural projects to conduct over the course of a year. Students are challenged to involve other students, mentors, and members of their community to ensure their project’s success. Visit our blog each week to read about these future organic farmers’ SAE projects in their own words.

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Brenda Lopez

My Supervised Agricultural Experience plan is to raise organic laying hens for egg production. My plan is to only feed the chicks organic feed so they can be 100% organic instead of the typical non-organic corn-based fed hen. They will be raised in a healthy and hopefully predator-free environment to ensure they produce excellent quality eggs. They will not be given any type of antibiotics to "increase" the grading quality of the eggs or their production, because my main focus is to sell an organic product.

I have already repaired the three chicken tractors at the high school Land Lab for my flock, but I would also like to build a chicken coop at my house in order to relocate the flock to my home to make it more convenient to care for them. I am also excited to exhibit at least one laying hen at the Cochise County Fair in September 2016.

This grant will help me by giving me the opportunity to raise all organic chicks, because I believe organic eggs benefit consumers more. This grant will also open doors for my future because I want to become a veterinarian. This project will help me gain knowledge on chicken growth, diet, health, etc. I know the benefit of organic and I am excited to be able to offer an organic egg product to my customers. 

Congratulations Brenda!

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