Managing Farm Finances Like a Pro

Join the CCOF Foundation this spring for a series of webinars geared toward the financial side of farming.
In our first webinar, Financial Planning 101 on May 23, Brett Melone from California FarmLink will delve into the details of cash flow management, business structures, and risk management tools to assist farmers in cultivating a financially sound farm business.
Our second webinar, Accessing Crop Insurance on June 19, explores new crop insurance options available to organic and diversified farms. Combined with the financial tools presented in the first webinar, crop insurance can help farmers manage risk and grower their operations. Learn about USDA’s new Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) program, as well as disaster insurance options through the Farm Service Agency
For more information and to register, check out the financial planning webinar, and the crop insurance webinar.
These webinars are funded through a partnership with the USDA Risk Management Agency.