Hemp Bill Opens Possibility for Certified Organic Hemp Production in California

In late May, the California Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 1409 (R-Wilk-21) and is now being considered in the Assembly. SB 1409 would remove barriers to hemp cultivation in California by authorizing the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to establish an industrial hemp pilot program, update and match the definition of hemp and increase access to hemp seed. 
CCOF joined hemp advocacy groups in support of SB 1409 because the bill would ensure that hemp grown for food and fiber in California is eligible for organic certification. If implemented, the authorized hemp pilot program would align with the National Organic Program (NOP) requirements for certified organic hemp cultivation in California and would streamline registration for hemp producers. NOP requires certified organic hemp production to adhere to the 2014 Farm Bill authorization and the joint USDA, FDA, and DEA “Statement of Principles on Industrial Hemp.”
For more information on CCOF’s position on industrial hemp, please contact the CCOF Policy Team