FarmsReach and CCOF Share Blog Resources

We’re excited to share blog resources with the FarmsReach community! Every two months, we will highlight a roundup of each other’s blog features.

Their most recent blog series focused on Labor & Worker Safety. Below is a summary of the practical information they shared. Enjoy!

How to Survive Labor Audits & Avoid Big Fines
“In July 2011, Paul was expecting a visit from the California State Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), as they were in the area inspecting farms for heat safety issues. When the DIR arrived at his farm and began interviewing his employees, they didn’t find heat issues, but instead found violations of unaccounted overtime - unexpected by DIR as well as Paul…” Read more

Are there Legitimate Farm Apprenticeship Programs?
“Many family farms with interns, also known as apprentices, have incurred heavy fines in the last few years for non-compliance with employment and workers’ compensation laws. Whether you call it an ‘internship’, ‘apprenticeship’, or ‘volunteer’, they are all considered the same under the federal labor law…” Read more

Be Prepared for a Government Inspector
“Your worst nightmare comes true: You are going about your business when you suddenly get a phone call - or, worse yet, a knock on your door. The person you are unexpectedly dealing with is a government inspector from Cal/OSHA…” Read more

Anyone Believe in the Market Anymore?
Immigration Reform & Bracero Program Redux “What is happening with immigration reform, an issue vital to farmers across the country? In fact, nothing of consequence has happened since the Senate passed its immigration bill in June 2013…” Read more

Best Practices in Farm Labor Management 
“It should come as no surprise that farmworkers value what most of us have come to expect or desire from our own places of work: a living wage, respectful treatment, safe conditions, health insurance, benefits, and the ability to advocate for improved conditions without fear of retribution…” Read more… 

New FarmsReach Labor & Worker Safety Toolkit! 
“The FarmsReach Labor & Worker Safety Toolkit provides checklists, info sheets, spreadsheets, and detailed practical references to help you better manage your employees. All of our Toolkit resources were recommended by our Featured Farmers, partners and the community!” Read more

To learn more about FarmsReach’s programs, check out their site.