Clif Bar Family Foundation is Proud to Support CCOF's Future Organic Farmers

Clif Bar Family Foundation gives to the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund because we believe that organic agriculture is an answer to many issues to which our world currently needs solutions. It supports family farms and contributes to a more secure food future. It reduces harmful chemicals from our everyday lives and protects farmworkers from exposure to those chemicals. It supports better soil health, increases access to healthy food, and increases the carbon sequestering needed to mitigate climate change. Clif Bar Family Foundation
The average working farmer in the United States is nearing retirement age. It’s vital now, more than ever, for Clif Bar Family Foundation and other like-minded companies to support programs that will foster future generations of organic farmers. Education plays a crucial role in increasing organic acreage as well as creating the next generation of farmers to work in the fields, sustainably growing our future food sources. 
The Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund allows Clif Bar Family Foundation’s donation to go a long way. Clif Bar is thrilled to partner with the CCOF Foundation in giving teachers and students of organic agriculture the tools they need to learn about organic farm production. 
We love that this fund gives some students the stability they need to attend school full-time to pursue careers in organic agriculture. With an emphasis on representing diverse populations, Clif Bar Family Foundation is proud to support the equal opportunity educational grants provided by the CCOF Foundation. 
Young people face countless challenges when trying to break into the field (pun intended) of organic agriculture. The CCOF Foundation provides direct financial aid to students of organic agriculture, making our decision to support the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund that much easier to make. We love hearing about what motivates the youth to dive into organic agriculture careers, and we are thrilled to be a part of the grant-giving process!
This article was submitted by Carrie Walle, Clif Bar Family Foundation’s grant manager. The Clif Bar Family Foundation is a valued supporter of the CCOF Foundation’s Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund, and we are tremendously grateful to Carrie and the Clif Bar Family Foundation for their continued support of the fund. 
Do you want to join Clif Bar Family Foundation in supporting the next generation of organic producers?
The fundraising campaign for the 2018 Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund is open until May 15, 2018. To learn more, please visit and contact Madelaine Baer at or (831) 346-6259.