CCOF Joins Call for Moratorium on GMOs in Agriculture

The CCOF Board of Directors voted in mid-May to adopt a strong GMO policy shared by CCOF’s strategic partner, the Organic Trade Association.

The policy calls for a moratorium on production of genetically modified crops until more research on their environmental and potential health issues has been conducted, and a meaningful regulatory framework is in place.

The CCOF board also reiterated its support for mandatory GMO labeling. Earlier this year, CCOF wrote a letter to California Congresswoman Noreen Evans expressing support for her bill that would require labeling of GMOs in all foods produced for human consumption. CCOF encouraged members to contact their congress members to vote in favor of the bill, but it did not receive enough votes to move forward.

The new GMO policy contains a number of other stances on GMOs including:

  • Confirming that certified organic production is the “gold standard” for non-GMO products;
  • Utilizing tests for GMOs in the periodic residue testing conducted as part of the certification process;
  • The need to develop a GMO threshold as part of the national organic standards;
  • Commitment to strengthen best practices for contamination prevention by documenting and analyzing genetic contamination incidents;
  • Advocate for policies that hold the developers of transgenic technology responsible for the cost of contamination prevention and losses due to contamination;
  • Support for a seed purity standard in the National Organic Standards and for more robust genetic diversity conservation efforts;
  • Affirmation of the important role CCOF plays in educating the public and policymakers on GMO-related issues.

Read the full GMO policy.