CCOF Foundation Receives Support from Awe Sum Organics for Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Awe Sum Organics is an importer of organic produce from growers in the Southern Hemisphere. We specialize in the import of apples, kiwifruit, pears, grapes, citrus, and blueberries from countries such as New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, and Peru. Awe Sum Organics has been owned and operated in Santa Cruz, California since our founding in 1985. 
Company President David Posner began selling organic produce at the inception of the organic movement, and since then Awe Sum Organics has been instrumental in establishing supply channels with organic produce growers in the Southern Hemisphere. As Awe Sum Organics grows we are diversifying our product base while staying true to our organic mission through our skin and body care line, using only whole and organic ingredients in our products. 
At Awe Sum Organics we are dedicated to furthering a sustainable, organic, and non-GMO future for organic foods and products. We are excited to support our friends and neighbors at the CCOF Foundation through the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund. The introduction of agricultural education in school is paramount in fostering interest in organic and sustainable farming. The Fund empowers students and educators to experience agriculture hands-on, inspiring future leaders and advocates of organic. 
We thank the CCOF Foundation for supporting young farmers in the opportunity to learn and participate in organic agriculture. The Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund is an essential tool for achieving CCOF’s vision of “a world where organic is the norm” by investing in the future leaders of organic farming and production. 
This article was submitted by Madeline Zolezzi of Awe Sum Organics.