CCOF Foundation Continues to Change the Way the World Eats

Last year, CCOF members invested in the CCOF Foundation and the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund. By partnering with organic sector business leaders, the fund addresses the need for new organic producers through investing in organic agriculture education. Beginning in grade-school classrooms, extending through high school, and into higher education and vocational studies, this year the national fund will award:

  • 25 grants to ​K-8 teachers who integrate organic agriculture into their curriculum through a special partnership with the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom.
  • 25 grants to high school students who participate in supervised agricultural education projects focused on organic production methods.
  • 30 grants to higher and vocational education students who are pursuing careers in organic agriculture.

In the spring, we will begin to accept applications for the 2015 awards. Your tax-deductible contribution to the CCOF Foundation will help provide additional grants in these categories. Please consider giving to this important fund and the work of the foundation.

We wish you a healthy, happy, and successful year!