CCOF Comments on Proposed GMO Labeling Rules

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CCOF submitted a comment to USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) on the proposed Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard, or GMO food labeling rule. The deadline for comments was July 3, 2018.
CCOF’s comment was rooted in the following principles, for which CCOF advocated in previous comments:
  • Labels must have clear statements that include the term “GMO.” Electronic or digital links are not sufficient to communicate to consumers. 
  • Protect the USDA National Organic Program’s regulations defining bioengineering and related terms. 
  • Organic certification is sufficient to make a “not bioengineered” or “non-GMO” claim. 
  • Products which rely on GMOs at any point along the production chain—such as milk from cows fed GMO feeds—cannot be labeled as non-GMO.
  • No certified organic products require disclosure statements. 
CCOF encouraged USDA to simplify the rule, ensure it is compatible with existing federal statutes, and develop a label that is uniform and consistent.