CCOF-Certified Archi’s Acres Featured in Documentary “The Farm”

CCOF members Colin and Karen Archipley are featured in a new documentary titled “The Farm.” The film highlights the Archipleys’ certified organic hydroponic farm Archi’s Acres and their work with veterans enrolled in the Archi’s Institute for Sustainable Agriculture.
The film follows transitioning military service members as they begin and complete the six-week course on organic agribusiness at Archi’s. The foundation of the program is learning sustainable agribusiness and farming methods and business development through practical and applicable skills. 
Over 400 students have graduated from the program and the majority pursue careers in agriculture after graduation. As Karen Archipley puts it, “We grow basil, but we also grow farmers.”
Archi’s is also partnered with the College of the Extended University at Cal Poly Pomona to provide an intensive introduction to small-scale farming, hydroponics, and agribusiness development. 
For more information about the program, please contact Archi’s Institute for Sustainable Agriculture.