CCOF Board of Chair Phil LaRocca Awarded Farmer of the Year

Organic champion and CCOF Board of Directors chair Phil LaRocca of LaRocca Vineyards has been awarded the Organic Trade Association’s 2017 Organic Farmer of the Year Leadership Award!
LaRocca is a pioneering organic wine grape grower and winemaker who uses innovative, environmentally friendly farming practices to produce wines with no added sulfites. He became the first certified organic apple grower in 1975 and then transitioned to wine and grape growing.   
LaRocca has been active with CCOF since its inception and has spent the last 40 years advocating for organic farming. He is a tireless advocate who is often found at meetings, conferences, and events throughout the state and country. He was active in the creation of the California Organic Food Production Act of 1990, participated in creating the regulations for organic wine with the National Organic Program, and was recently appointed to the California Organic Products Advisory Committee. 
As chair of the CCOF Board of Directors, LaRocca continuously dedicates time to CCOF’s members. LaRocca represents the North Valley Chapter, but goes above and beyond his core duties by attending chapter meetings across the state. LaRocca is also a mainstay at National Organic Standards Board meetings and has represented organic in Washington DC and internationally.
Please join us in celebrating Phil and his ongoing success!