Cast Your Vote in the CCOF Central Coast Chapter 2018 Election

The CCOF Central Coast Chapter (CC Chapter) election voting period is open until Friday, June 15. If you are part of the CC Chapter, make sure your voice is heard!
Your vote is vital to the member-driven democratic process of electing CCOF leadership. 
Why Vote?
The primary purpose of the CCOF chapter system is to ensure that CCOF members are represented at the governance level of the organization. The 14 current chapters form a representative democracy that elects the CCOF, Inc. Board of Directors that governs CCOF, Inc., the umbrella organization for CCOF Certification Services, LLC, and the CCOF Foundation. 
CCOF chapters are also important for building community and connection to CCOF. They offer opportunities to network and strengthen organic businesses, educational programming, and a connection to CCOF’s advocacy efforts for the organic sector. Chapter meetings provide a venue for CCOF members and the public to bring concerns, questions, and ideas, plus develop or participate in leadership roles within the organic community and beyond.
If you have any questions, please contact Adrian Fischer at or (831) 346-6282.