California State Organic Program Fee Waiver Opportunities for Military Veterans

Military veterans may be eligible for fee waivers under the California State Organic Program. Notably, the fee waiver only applies to fees associated with the California State Organic Program; the waiver does not apply to fees associated with the National Organic Program.

Under the Business License, Tax, and Fee Waiver benefit, California state agencies may waive certain business license fees, taxes, and other fees for honorably discharged veterans who sell goods, wares, or merchandise owned by the veteran, except for alcoholic beverages. In some cases, the benefit covers agricultural goods, including the sale of organically raised crops and produce. Thus, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), the agency who administers the California State Organic Program, may waive fees associated with the state organic program for eligible veterans.

To learn more about the fee waiver opportunity, contact your county's agricultural commissioner.