Bricmont Hardship Assistance Deadline Extended to Nov. 23

Do you know that CCOF has a hardship assistance fund for certified organic growers and handlers that have gone through natural disasters and other financial hardships? Operations may apply for hardship assistance to offset financial burdens caused by fire, flood, freeze, illness, hurricane, pest pressures, and other major hardships.

Since 2007, CCOF has distributed hardship assistance funds to members of the organic community who are in need. In 2014 alone, the CCOF Foundation raised and provided $23,000 in assistance to organic farmers from 15 states. Recipients of the grants were certified by a wide range of certification agencies including CCOF, QCS, WSDA, New Mexico Department of Agriculture, MOSA, Vermont Organic Farmers, Clemson University, and MOFGA.

If you or a certified organic operation you know have experienced loss this season, please consider filling out the simple two page application (in English or Spanish). Include some proof of hardship, such as photos, P&L statements, letters, and/or newspaper clippings. Applications may be sent by email to or by mail to the CCOF office by November 23, 2015. Grant amounts are restricted to monetary amount of your organic certification fees for 2015. For full grant details, please visit our website.